Nanography™ for Mainstream
Publishing Production.

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Print books, magazines, directories, manuals and direct mail on demand and just-in-time – at  a lower cost than other digital alternatives. Offer premium capabilities like personalization and versioning, expanding your services and improving customer satisfaction. Landa’s Nanographic Printing™ technology allows you to migrate your jobs to digital while  increasing your bottom line using an eco-friendly process.

Landa Nanographic Printing™ Presses Offer Publishing Printers:

  • Use of any off-the-shelf papers with no pre-treatment and post-drying
  • High ink coverage with 4-8 color digital printing
  • Fast ramp-up, seamless fit into existing operation
  • Quick return on investment
  • Unmatched total cost per digital page

Landa Nanographic Printing™ Presses for the Publishing Market:

Landa S10C

Landa W50


Landa S10