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A New Standard for Operating any Production Press

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The Landa Touchscreen is a spectacular intuitive graphic user interface featured on Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses. Designed to enhance press operation and troubleshooting, the Landa Touchscreen helps you maximize operator productivity. A very large, highly intuitive interactive display enables a novice operator to quickly become a master. This allows you to quickly ramp up your digital operation and begin leveraging value-added services towards your bottom line.

Dedicated to Job Management

The operator can conveniently organize jobs in the job queue aided by built-in job management tools which, for example, suggest the optimum sequence for maximum press utilization. The timeline feature allows the operator to schedule the jobs in his or her shift.

The Landa Touchscreen is a spectacular intuitive graphic interface

Easy Access to All Press Functions

The operator can see real-time status messages as well as live video feeds from inside the press with close-up views of sheet feeding, image transfer and sheet delivery.

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A Single Operator, Multiple Press Control - From Anywhere

The high degree of automation allows a single operator to manage more than one press at a time. If the operator steps away from the touch screen monitor, the display changes to “vital signs” mode with large graphics that can be seen from far away. If the operator is working where the touch screen monitor is not visible, he can continue to monitor and operate the press using a tablet.
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Landa S10 - Printing Press