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At drupa 2012 we first unveiled our innovative Nanographic Printing® technology and products. At future key events all over the world, we’ll keep sharing our progress and developments with you. Please take the opportunity to stop by and share your thoughts, ideas and needs with us too. 

Our upcoming events are listed below. We look forward to seeing you there.

Ink Jet Printing 2015 Conference

February 4, 2015, Orlando, FL, USA

Presentation title: “Nanography: The Path to Commercialization”

By Gilad Tzori, Vice President Product Strategy, Landa Digital Printing

In the context of the opportunities and challenges that the print market currently faces, Gilad will explain what Nanography™ is, how it works and what differentiates it in the industry. He will also provide an update on the latest product developments at Landa relating to the technology and the user experience. He will share details of the first Landa products to be made commercially available – the B1 (41 in./1,050 mm) digital presses that offer commercial and packaging printers the ability to profitability print short to medium run lengths with the speed and qualities of offset.