Landa S5

Nanographic Printing® Press

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Entry Level Digital Printing for the Commercial Market

This entry level press enables fast and easy ramp-up of your digital operation. With high speeds and low-cost-per page, the Landa S5 is built to replace B2 (22 in. /560 mm) offset printing and offers a solution for a wide range of general mainstream commercial applications. With the ability to print on any media type – coated or uncoated with no pre-treatment or post-drying, the Landa S5 fits seamlessly into your existing printing and finishing operations.

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The Landa S5 supports all of the following:

  • B3 format (20 in. / 508 mm)
  • Printing speeds of 5,500 sheets per hour
  • 4-8 color printing with sharp edged, high density images
  • Use of any off-the-shelf media, coated or uncoated
  • Media ranges of 60-350 gsm / 70-400 microns
Landa S5

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A look inside the Landa s5


Love at first touch


The Landa Touchscreen is a spectacular intuitive graphic interface featured on all Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses. Designed to facilitate operating and troubleshooting, the Landa Touchscreen helps you maximize your press uptime.

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Format B3 (20 in.)
Max. Printing Speed (Single-Sided) 11,000 SPH
Max. Printing Speed (Double-Sided) 5,500 SPH
Paper Thickness & Weight
70-350 μm (3-14 pt);
60-300 gsm (40 lb. text - 110 lb. cover)

Types of Media


Any type of off the shelf media: coated, uncoated,
synthetic, specialty (colored, embossed, metallic)

Pile Input & Output 


Feeder:  900 mm (35.4 in.)
Delivery:  420 mm (16.5 in.)

Press Size (L x W x H)


3,220 x 2,280 x 1,850 mm
(126.7 x 89.7 x 72.8  in.)
Weight 5,600 kg (12,346 lb.)
Landa S10 - Printing Press