Landa S7

Nanographic Printing Press

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The Landa S7 is the most productive high end B2 (29 in.) digital press for a wide range of general commercial and publishing applications. With the ability to print on any type of media, the press fits seamlessly into your existing printing and finishing processes and allows you to ramp up your digital operation fast. With the Landa S7 you can print mainstream applications at high speed and low cost-per-page, and add premium services like personalization and run lengths as short as one.

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The Landa S7 supports all of the following:

  • B2 / 29” format: 53x75cm
  • Printing speeds of 9,000-12,000 sheets per hour
  • 4-8 color printing with sharp edged, high density images
  • Use of any off-the-shelf media, coated or uncoated
  • Media ranges of 60-350 gsm / 70-400 microns
Landa S7

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Love at first touch


The Landa Touchscreen is a spectacular intuitive graphic interface featured on all Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses. Designed to facilitate operating and troubleshooting, the Landa Touchscreen helps you maximize your press uptime.

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Format B2 (29 in.)
Max. Printing Speed (Single-Sided) 9,000 / 12,000 SPH
Max. Printing Speed (Double-Sided) 4,500  / 6,000 SPH
Landa NanoInk CMYK, spot & specialty colors
No. of Colors 4 - 8
Resolution 600 x 600- 1,200 x 600 DPI @ 5 gray levels

Max. Paper Size (Single-Sided)


530 x 750 mm
(20.8 x 29.5  in.)

Max. Paper Size (Double-Sided)


510 x 740 mm
(20 x 29.1  in.)
Paper Thickness & Weight
70-400  μm (3-16 pt);
60-350 gsm (40 lb. text - 130 lb. cover)
Paper Thickness & Weight
70-350 μm (3-14 pt);
60-300 gsm (40 lb. text - 110 lb. cover)

Types of Media


Any type of off the shelf media: coated, uncoated,
synthetic, specialty (colored, embossed, metallic)

Pile Input & Output 


Feeder:  800 mm (31.5 in.)
Delivery:  600 mm (23.6 in.)

Press Size (L x W x H)


4,390 x 3,250 x 1,850 mm
(172.8 x 127.9 x 72.8  in.)
Weight 8,100 kg (17,857 lb.)
Landa S10 - Printing Press