Landa W10

Nanographic Printing™ Press

Cost-Effective Short-Run Printing for Flexible Packaging

The Landa W10 digital web press offers converters who serve diversified flexible packaging end markets and brands, a time-efficient and cost-effective short-run printing solution. You can print your mainstream flexible packaging applications on any standard plastics using digital technology that requires no setup. A crossover point with analog at around 7,000 linear meters lets you offer digital production and provide fast turnaround short runs and on-demand printing at low total cost of ownership.


The Landa W10 for flexible packaging supports all of the following:

  • Web widths of 40 in. (1020 mm)
  • Up to 8-color printing with sharp edged, high density images and spots
  • Printing speeds of 100 m/min. (328 ft/min.)
  • Any media including very challenging plastics like polyethylene
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Love at first touch


The Landa Touchscreen is a spectacular intuitive graphic interface featured on all Landa Nanographic Printing™ Presses. Designed to facilitate operating and troubleshooting, the Landa Touchscreen helps you maximize your productivity.
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Format (max. substrate width) 40.1 in (1,020 mm)

Max. printing speed (single-sided)

328 ft/min; (100 m/min)
Landa NanoInk CMYK, spot & specialty colors
No. of colors 4 or 8


1,200 dpi with multiple gray levels
Standard configuration Unwinder, rewinder
Print width 39.6 in. (1,007 mm)

Substrate thickness 


Films: 12-250 μm (0.5-10 pt)
Paper: 50-300 μm (2-12 pt)

Substrate types





Plastics: PE (polyethylene), 
BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene),
CPP (cast polypropylene), PET (polyethylene terephthalate),
metalized PET.          
Other: aluminum foils, paper, regenerated cellulose 
Reel diameter 49.2 in. (1,250 mm)

Press size (L x W x H)


383.4 x 154.3 x 72.8 in.
(9.7 x 3.9 x 1.9 m)
Weight 21,000 lb. (9,800 kg)
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