Landa W50

Nanographic Printing® Press

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Cost-Effective Short-Run Printing for Direct Mail, Transpromo and Publishing

With the lowest cost-per-page, the Landa W50 web press allows publishing and high volume commercial printers to manage high page volume, short and medium runs cost-effectively. Based on its groundbreaking Nanographic Printing® technology, it enables high coverage, just-in-time printing on any off-the-shelf media without pre-treatment and post-drying on paper. It also lets you offer premium services such as personalization to extend your print offerings and increase your bottom line.

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The Landa W50 for folding carton supports all of the following:

  • Web width of 22 in. (560 mm)
  • Printing speed of 656 ft./min (200 m/min)
  • CMYK printing with sharp-edged high-density images
  • Use of any off-the-shelf media
  • Use of media ranging between: 40-300 gsm; 50-350 μm; 2-16 pt text/27 lb. text to 110 lb. cover
Landa W50

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A look inside the Landa w50


Love at first touch


The Landa Touchscreen is a spectacular intuitive graphic interface featured on all Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses. Designed to facilitate operating and troubleshooting, the Landa Touchscreen helps you maximize your operator productivity.

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  • Format (Max. Substrate Width) 22 in. (560 mm)
    Max. Printing Speed (Double-Sided) 656 ft./min; (200 m/min)
    Landa NanoInk 1200 dpi with multiple gray levels
    No. of Colors CMYK
    Resolution 4
    Standard Configuration Unwinder
    Print Width 21.6 (550 mm)

    Substrate Thickness


    Paper: 50-350 μm (2-16pt)
               40-300 gsm (27 lb. text -110 lb. cover)

    Substrate Types


    Coated, uncoated, medium weight coated,
    low weight coated, supercalendared, newsprint 
    Reel Diameter 49.2 in (1,250 mm)

    Press Size (L x W x H)


    236.2 x 157.5 x 74.8 in. 
    (6.0 x 4.0 x 1.9 m )
    Weight 6,700 kg (14,771 lb.)

    Additional Options



    - Rewinder
    - Roll to sheet
    - Inline connectivity to finishing equipment
White Paper - Printing Process