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Landa Digital Printing is a member of the Landa group. It has developed a unique digital technology called Nanography® for the commercial, packaging and publishing markets. Unveiled at drupa 2012, Nanography® bridges the critical profitability gap between offset and digital printing by enabling printers to cost-effectively produce short-to-medium run lengths.

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The Landa group was founded by Benny Landa about a decade ago. Previously, in 1993, Benny launched the digital printing revolution when he unveiled the Indigo E-Print 1000, the first digital printing press. The E-Print enabled print buyers to order short runs and pages that contained variable data and images. Indigo, the company that Benny had established in 1977 went on to become the market leader in the new industry of digital printing.

Following the acquisition of Indigo by Hewlett-Packard in 2002, Benny established the Landa group to pursue his new vision of creating energy from thin air using nanotechnology. During the course of this research, he discovered that the use of nanopigments could revolutionize printing for a second time. Landa’s digital printing division, Landa Digital Printing, developed the Nanographic Printing® process and a line of Nanographic Printing® presses that enable the use of digital printing technology for mainstream applications. 

Benny Landa, Chairman, Landa Corporation, continues to add to the portfolio of over 800 patents granted to him worldwide, providing the companies which he founded with a solid intellectual property base.  

In Addition to Landa Digital Printing, the Landa Group Comprises Three Other Operating Units:

Big things from small particles. Landa Labs is the innovation engine of the group and is focused on harnessing nanotechnology for alternative energy as well as a variety of applications ranging from pigments and drug delivery to hair colorants and composite materials.

In Addition to Landa Digital Printing, the Landa Group Comprises Three Other Operating Units

Investing in tomorrow’s technology… today. Landa Ventures invests in technology companies in fields related to nanotechnology, imaging, printing and energy. Investments include Evigence, Highcon, GenCell, Twine, Ripples, XJet 3D, HumanEyes, Arroweye and NovelSat.

Fusing the beauty of nature with the power of science™. Lusix is the ultimate source for high-yield certified, polished lab-grown diamonds. Designing, building and operating its own diamond growing machines, Lusix enhances the accessibility to objects of quality and integrity for discerning, value-driven consumers.


Vision and Goals

Landa invests in the future via all its operating units. Landa Digital Printing aims to introduce a revolutionary digital technology that will breathe new life into today’s printing industry. The company’s groundbreaking nanopigment technology – Nanography®, will help printers tap into the potential in the short-to-medium run gap where neither offset nor digital printing can currently profit.

At Landa

Benny Landa’s spirit of innovation and commitment to his vision is felt throughout the organization. Landa employees share values of commitment to the company, commitment to their mission and commitment to one another. The Landa work environment conveys a sense of appreciation for its employees.

Landa has more than 200 researchers who are world class scientists, most with advanced degrees. The Landa facility is very progressive, perhaps better equipped than most universities, and therefore a great place for research and development of future technologies.

The Landa group is located in the Science Park in Rehovot, Israel, near the Weizmann Institute of Science.



A New Digital Printing Category

Nanography® is the result of ten years of nanotechnology research and is a game-changing new digital printing category. Nanography® employs water-based Landa NanoInk® colorants and a unique image transfer system that together achieve unprecedented results. Landa sheetfed and web Nanographic Printing® presses offer the versatility of digital printing combined with the qualities and speed of offset. They print on any off-the-shelf coated and uncoated stocks and packaging films. Nanography® is expected to significantly impact the industry and ignite a second digital revolution in print.


The Profitability Gap

Between the low volume offering of digital and the high volume offerings of offset there is a gap where neither offset nor digital printing is profitable. And in today’s market it is precisely these unprofitable short-to-medium run-lengths that account for the vast majority of commercial printing jobs.



Nanography® Bridges the Gap

This is where Landa Nanographic Printing® technology comes in. Landa Digital Printing offers a breakthrough method for the production of super-efficient light-absorbing nanopigments – Landa NanoInk® colorants. The Landa Nanographic Printing® process also differs from other printing processes in that the ink does not wet the paper as in inkjet printing. Landa Nanographic Printing® technology converts the ink image into a super-thin polymeric film which is then laminated onto the paper surface, avoiding typical inkjet issues of paper saturation and enabling the creation of high quality images at high speed – on any kind of paper, at the lowest cost-per-page of any digital printing process. In other words, Nanography® offers printers digital printing technology for mainstream applications for the first time.

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