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30 Years in 3 Years

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 | By Sharon Rothschild


By Sharon Rothschild, Packaging Product Line & Segment Manager, Landa Digital Printing

Three years ago I was in China: in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. On the way to China Print, I traveled to those places again and it seemed as if 30 years had passed since my last visit.

China is changing at a rapid pace. Within just five years (in which the Olympics and the Expo were held), China has become completely modern, with new buildings everywhere, a Western-like road system, new cars and new commodities. (However, Internet access is still limited and reminded me of the late 90’s).

The economy is as far from the Communist model as possible and shows a deep commitment to Capitalism. But it’s not a free market economy: every business and print shop needs a connection with—and approval from—the government. With a huge amount of very rich people (the top percentile represents 10 million people); there is a lot of demand for luxury goods and high-quality products.


Sharon Rothchild at the Great Wall of China

Visiting Chinese print shops is a unique experience. You get to see the “print shop of the world”, where it seems that the whole world is doing their printing. I had the chance to see the two of the biggest print floors that I have ever seen. There were dozens of offset presses printing side by side! Being the print shop of the world also means those print shops demand high-quality prints and a high-level of productivity and stability from the presses that they use or intend to buy. 

It was very interesting to learn that the print world in China is changing in more ways than one: Chinese print service providers are talking about fast rising labor costs and increased competition from countries with cheaper labor (!). Naturally print automation is much more important than it was in the past.

All of our customers got to see our latest samples printed with Nanography. All of them commented on the clear improvements over our Drupa samples. Everyone concluded that we are definitely on the right track. 

Landa S10 - Printing Press