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9 ½ things I recently learned about the print industry**

Thursday, 14 March 2013 | By Louis Gordon


By Louis Gordon, Marcom Manager, Landa Digital Printing

I recently attended Graphics of America with Ohad Axelrod, Landa’s Segment and Product Manager, who gave a keynote address about Nanography®. We also took the opportunity to meet a number of our US customers—along with Kobi Ulmer our Director of Worldwide Sales and Kristof Dekeukelaere, our US Sales Manager.

Gala photo with Frank Romano

Ohad Axelrod, Kobi Ulmer, Louis Gordon and Kristof Dekeukelare of Landa Digital Printing pose with GOA Man of the Year 2013 Frank Romano.

 Here are ten observations from my visit:

1. While on six flights and two trains, I saw that many people watched movies, worked on their laptops, or read their Kindles. Many others are still reading printed books and magazines.

2. The airline and train magazines wherever I sat were dog-eared. They were definitely shared, even if it wasn’t via Facebook or Pinterest.

3. The spectrum of amazing print products and substrates has increased. On the one end there are plastic packaging, folding carton and shrink-wrap with brilliant colors used for drinking containers, snacks and cereal boxes. On the other end there are recycled and natural-looking papers with muted earth tones used by their organic counterparts.

4. When a printer hands you a newly printed art book, it’s hard to resist opening it and sniffing the pages. Some even prefer the smell of ink to fresh ground coffee, but I “plead the fifth”.

5. Everything micro-segmented, from magazines about tattoos to 3 flavors of Blistex. This means lots of printing and lots of short-runs.

6. It’s amazing how no two printers are alike. They have different business models or areas of expertise. Some still have a strong sense of tradition while others feel like design agencies or even high-tech software companies. A number of them expect double-digit growth this year.

7. Brands are closely monitoring new print technology and are always looking for ways to differentiate their products.

8. The black Landa jackets from drupa are very versatile just like Nanography®. Although they don’t print on multiple substrates, they work great in any weather—rain, snow and even bitter cold.

9. The word “curmudgeon” is both a compliment and an award. (Kudos to Frank Romano on winning the 2013 GALA Award and being named the "Last Standing Industry Curmudgeon Award").

10. Delivering a luncheon keynote about Nanography® can really pack a room. The production at GOA was flawless—as was Ohad’s delivery. Look for the video in the near future.

**(OK, it was really 10 things.)

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