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Monday, 07 December 2015 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

In starting this blog by telling you it is about Irish fairies, you will struggle to see the connection with print and packaging. But bear with me while I relate my recent experience on vacation in Ireland.

I noticed that in many gardens of houses with children – small bikes, trampolines and swings being the give-away signs – there were trees which had at their base a tiny brightly coloured front door. They came in all shapes sizes and colours but appeared to be designed for people around five centimetres tall.

If you have ever ventured across to Ireland, you will know that it is impossible to go into a pub for a drink without someone local striking up a conversation with you. So it did not take long for me to discover that these little doors were the entrance to the fairy world inhabited by Irish fairies.

Stick with the story – there is a business providing a whole range of opportunities to printing and packaging companies involved in the doors, the main supplier of which appears to be the Irish Fairy Door Company. It seems that children of Ireland have bought into the idea big time and so far about 160,000 Irish homes have got one of the doors attached to a tree or the an internal skirting board of the parental home.

Irish Fairy Door Company, printed package

The little fairy door is supplied in a colorful printed package

The company was set up a couple of years ago by two Dublin based mothers who have built on a traditional Irish story of fairies at the bottom of the garden. Of course you have to believe in fairies otherwise you won’t be allowed to see them and I must admit that a glass or two of Guinness does add a degree of credence to the concept if you are a grown-up.

Once the parent has purchased their child a door, along with a key which the child leaves out by the door so the fairy can enter, there are a series of books and accessories accompanying to stimulate the child’s imagination and of course to provide a revenue stream for the business.

Printing Opportunities for Packaging, Newsletters and Personalised Books

The child names its fairy and registers it on the company website. The child receives a weekly newsletter telling a story from Fairyland and suggesting an activity to play with your fairy. For the tech-savvy child there is also an app for keeping up to date with fairy news, along with tiny washing lines, fairy dust, and toadstools.

Irish Fairy Door Company, printed personalised book

The Irish Fairy Company prints personalised books


The business has lots of potential, each door-owning child names its own personal fairy. The possibilities for print and packaging with personalisation of doors, accessories and books is massive. You have only got to look at businesses like the Smurfs or the Hello Kitty franchise in Japan to see how a brand can be leveraged into a very wide range of products, both in the home market and overseas. I hope you enjoyed this fairytale, and remember next time you see a tiny door in a tree, you heard about it first at Landa Digital Printing.

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