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A Passion for Nano

Sunday, 05 May 2013 | By Landanano


Landanano, Landa Digital Printing

a-passio-for-nanoPassion seems to run in the universal nanotechnology family. If you’ve listened to Benny Landa speak for even a few minutes, you know that Benny’s passion for nano is tremendous – and contagious.

This week we had the fun and good fortune to speak to another nano scientist who is head over heels on the topic, as well: Dr. Andras Paszternak.

Dr. Paszternak came to nanotechnology via his tenure at the Chemical Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in 2004. He began work with the Center’s atomic force microscope (AFM) and scanning tunneling microscope (STM), and after one year began research for his PhD in the field of corrosion protection of iron. Although fulfilling work, it wasn’t until he met the scientist he calls his mentor, the late Prof. Erika Kalman, that he was introduced to the “fascinating world of nanotechnology.”

Dr. Paszternak’s PhD thesis, defended at the Chemistry Doctoral School of Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary), stands as a tribute to Dr. Kalman, who passed away just prior to Andras’ dissertation defense.

It was in Dr. Kalman’s optimistic spirit that Dr. Paszternak continued his work, and eventually developed what is today a 6000+-member strong nanotech portal, (so named for the “hot and spicy world of nanotechnology”). It doesn’t take long to start enjoying the carnival-like atmosphere of this doorway to everything – and we mean everything – nano.

There are plenty of other – shall we say – more “serious” nanotechnology sites – and Dr. Paszternak is eager to give them abundant credit – and to this interviewer, their URLs, as we talk. (Don’t worry; we plan on sharing!)

This is just one way we know that Dr. Paszternak’s passion is pure. There is no competition, as far as he’s concerned. Nanotechnology is here for the world, and Dr. Andras Paszternak is doing his part to make sure the world knows about it.

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