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A Personal Interview with Landa’s First European Field Support Engineer

Thursday, 14 June 2018 | By Landa


Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

My name is Aytac Altas. I joined Landa several months ago as part of the Customer Support Organization. I live in Stuttgart and I’m Landa’s first European Field Support Engineer (FSE), currently supporting our first European customer, Edelmann.

I am a qualified packaging materials technologist and media specialist with a specialty focus on inkjet systems. I have several years of experience in the packaging and printing industry, and my expertise includes a variety of digital printing technologies and machines.

Since joining Landa I have been in Israel to train up on the presses, and to learn about Nanography®, and then I was assigned to support Edelmann and have been with them since the installation of their press. This job is a personal challenge for me and a great opportunity to be part of this amazing new technology.

How did you first hear about Landa Digital Printing and what do you think about Nanographic Printing® technology and the Landa press?

During the course of my many years in the printing industry I heard about Benny Landa, and at Drupa 2016 I saw the Landa S10 Printing® Press and was fascinated by the technology. It’s very exciting to see a new technology, different and more advanced than anything I have seen. Joining Landa was a great step for me because I believe nanotechnology is the future and that Nanography® is the future of the printing industry.


The Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press

Can you describe your role at present, and as you see it going forward?

I currently have one focus – supporting the Edelmann team and doing whatever I can to assure their success. As this is our first beta installation in Europe, there is always a larger team from Landa on site whose role is to capture any learnings from challenges that we have and to ensure that they are resolved quickly. As the Edelmann team become more proficient operating their press they will become more independent and I will start supporting other customers too.

What is the status of the installation currently, and when do you think testing can take place?

The installation is complete and we’re now proceeding with the beta phase. The Edelmann press operators have been trained up and are already operating the press, and I am here to assist and support during these initial stages. At the same time, we are collecting feedback from Edelmann and directly from the press, and together with the team in Israel we are moving forward on optimizing its operation beyond the beta phase.

Aytac Altas, Landa Field Support Engineer, with Landa S10 press and prints Aytac Altas, Landa Field Support Engineer, with Landa S10 press and prints

Aytac in action – helping to optimize the operation of Edelmann’s new Landa S10

What has the atmosphere at Edelmann been like since news of the arrival of a Landa press and then once it arrived?

There was an atmosphere of expectation and real curiosity to see what the new technology was all about, perhaps even more than usual because of the extended wait. Since installation and after everyone had taken an initial close look at the machine, the atmosphere has very much been “let’s get down to business”.

How has the process with Edelmann been?

So far everything has gone as well as can be expected. During this beta phase we look for issues that can only be seen once the press has been installed at the customer site. The goal is to identify and resolve them before commercial release. The Landa and Edelmann teams are working well together and resolving everything very professionally and efficiently. Edelmann are great hosts and have really made us feel at home. The operators are excited at the great application potential of the press and together we have already worked out some new ideas. We all agree that printing will never be the same again!

What has been your experience with the customer support organization and the team in Israel?

First of all, while I was training in Israel, I learned a lot about the press and Nanography®, and I really enjoyed the hospitality and excellent support of my colleagues. Thanks to everyone! Our customer support organization is still small and growing, but it is made up of the best people. Everyone is highly committed and innovative, and of the highest technological and professional level. Based on my experience so far, I can say that working at Landa is a positive, different and very unique opportunity and would recommend this role to anyone who is looking for a challenging, meaningful career as an FSE at Landa and who would like to be part of a team that aims to maintain a standard of excellence.


Landa support team with Landa S10 press at Edelmann Group site

Team Landa displaying the successful Landa S10 test results at Edelmann

Landa S10 - Printing Press