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A Window to the World of Nanotechnology at Landa Digital Printing (or Forget the Kids! Let’s Go Landanano!)

Monday, 06 January 2014 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

A Window to the World of Nanotechnology at Landa Digital PrintingI don’t know about you, but I am mainly using social media to communicate with and keep an eye on my kids, who are currently scattered around the globe. I have a Twitter account, Facebook page and now a Google+ page and, I spend a few minutes each day seeing what nefarious activities they have gotten up to.

I have to admit that I also find a number of other interesting things while I am browsing their work and social activities, many of which often crop up on the Landanano accounts. The guys who run Landa’s social media channels are great at picking out unusual items relating to the world of nanotechnology, printing and packaging from the social media world, and re-broadcasting them. I have picked out of few which have amused, entertained or informed me in the past year.

My wife, who is one of the biggest technophobes I know, is now a Kindle user, but the surge in interest in e-books seems to have peaked for now. In November you could have read a report from which suggests that e-book sales have flattened out at 30% of all actual books sold. Whether this is a just a blip or a portent of what we can come to expect in electronic publishing, we can only guess. But from the way my wife buries her nose in her Kindle, I suspect it is a temporary trend. You can read the report here:

Reusable packaging
Reusable packaging was another article featured on the Landa blog page that caught my eye. Restaurants can now supply containers to diners to take home their leftovers and the customer can return the container or get charged if they don’t. Seems like an interesting business idea, but will it catch on?!ra65u

Some fabulous pictures of nano-crystal flowers were another item that amused me in the summer. A researcher called Wim Noorduin was looking at ways of controlling micro-crystal growth, when looking through an electron microscope he stumbled across the stunning images of flower-like crystals growing in a test tube solution. Take a look here and you will see what I mean:


In December Landa picked up on a young man at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington who, while only a teenager, had developed a new form of infra-red detector using nano wires. The very bright 18-year-old Saumil Bandyopadhyay, has found a way to manufacture nano wires in the lab. He has used them to create a postage stamp size detector which needs no cooling to operate and which has potential uses in the security and medical industries. You can read about him here

I must admit these articles are all a bit deeper than your children’s love life or work friends, but when you are making your New Year resolutions for 2014, think about following Landa Digital Printing on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. At least you will be keeping pace with many of the developments in the wonderful world of nanotechnology, printing and packaging. And with a rich variety of information in one central place, it’s so much more informative and entertaining than some of those other more formidable resolutions you might be contemplating.

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