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Thursday, 21 December 2017 | By Yishai Amir, CEO


By Yishai Amir, CEO, Landa Digital Printing

It has been an exciting year at Landa Digital Printing as we have made major strides towards our goal of revolutionizing the printing industry with our Nanography® technology.

Scaling Up and Rolling Out the First Nanographic Printing® Presses

We have begun the roll out of our Nanographic Printing® presses with the installation of our first Landa S10 at Graphica Bezalel in Israel, and we continue to implement plans for our beta testing towards a full commercial release.

Landa S10 press at Graphica Bezalel

The Landa S10 press is installed and working at our first customer, Graphica Bezalel

We have completed the establishment of our manufacturing infrastructure with Systems Plant 2, our second press manufacturing facility, now fully operational and assembling customer orders. We have also continued to build our service organization, with advanced training for the worldwide service teams and our remote service facility – the Customer Service Center – fully staffed and operational.

Landa digital Printing – Systems Plant

Landa’s new Systems Plant 2 – scaling up to manufacture orders

Landa’s First Worldwide Customer Event

In addition to ongoing visits from many customers throughout the year, in September we opened up our facilities to 150 visitors at our first worldwide VIP event, and shared with them the reasons for our excitement. The conversations that we held with our visitors as they saw pallets of digitally printed B1 (41 in.) sheets coming off our first customer’s press, confirmed that they share our excitement and that we are on the brink of a true and thrilling transformation.

Landa’s Worldwide VIP Customer Event

Sharing the results of our progress and our excitement with 150 visitors
at our worldwide customer event

First Nanography® Customer Prints and Wins

A personal highlight for me in 2017 is the success of Graphica Bezalel as they started taking new customer orders on the Landa press, and were also named a winner in the WorldStar Awards competition for one of their jobs. Congratulations to all of the team at Graphica.

Eray Harpak and the Landa S10 printed, WorldStar winning package

Etay Harpak, print operator at Graphica Bezalel with
their award-winning job, printed on the Landa S10.

I look ahead to 2018 with great anticipation and look forward to more reasons to celebrate with Graphica Bezalel and our growing family of customers.

On behalf of all at Landa, I wish you and your families a very happy holiday season, and a successful and healthy new year.

Seasons Greetings

Landa S10 - Printing Press