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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 | By Gilad Tzori


After Drupa 2016, we returned to work driven by the enthusiasm and positive energy on our stand, and have since been moving full steam ahead with a focus on transforming from a technology development company to a product manufacturer and supplier.

Daily work at Landa is accompanied by a permanent soundtrack of productivity and progress, and by the buzz of hard work and determination of every Landa team member as we near our goal of rolling out our first presses into the market and delivering to our first customers, beginning next month.

Landa Digital Printing - the Assembly & Manufacturing site

Landa Digital Printing’s busy, buzzing assembly & manufacturing site

Time and time again we see visitors to our facilities in Israel, astounded by the transformation of our initial technology concept into a working production device. As together we watch high-quality B1 (41 in.) sheets rolling out of our Landa S10 models in the manufacturing facility, at unprecedented speeds and productivity, the visitors are infected by our own vision and passion for the future of the printing industry.

Landa Nanographic Printing<sup>®</sup> Presses S10, S10P, W10

The family of Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses at work at our manufacturing site

We are excited and confident that our Nanographic Printing® presses will help our customers overcome the limitations and challenges they face in meeting today’s market demands, and carve out a more profitable path for their future business.

A Glimpse at the Future of Print Rolling Out at Landa

I think it’s fair to guess that after experiencing the action and current progress with their very own eyes, customers are leaving Landa saying to themselves, “I have seen the future, it was worth waiting for, and I have done the right thing by investing in tomorrow’s technology today.” If you want to “see the future” as it is unfolding at Landa Digital Printing’s facilities, click on the video below and get a glimpse of the activities behind our doors.

See the future behind the doors at Landa Digital Printing