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Building a (Printing) Team Fit for the World Cup

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By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

Brazil 2014 - FIFA World CupAs the world’s top soccer teams jet off to Brazil for the World Cup, I have been in Israel observing Landa’s team members at work close up. The similarities between the football players, coaches, staff and fans heading to Brazil on the one hand, and Benny Landa’s Nanographic Printing® technology team and our customers on the other hand, are striking.

For a start all the teams have a top coach, well known to the media, who has a vision of success and a strong drive to achieve it. They also have a lot of others involved and focused on their mission, whose role it is to ensure the best chances of achieving their goals.

It’s the role of the coach to pick the team and make sure that all key positions are covered. It’s also important to ensure all support team members are the best to be found since all of them together will be responsible for getting to the World Cup Final. Each person will have an important part to fulfil and the winners playing in the final, will be the side with the strongest team, and will be enthusiastically lauded by their fans.

Getting Ahead in the Field… of Print

Benny Landa has certainly put together his winning team. As I recently hosted our fans – some of our European customers in Rehovot – the most often repeated comment from them was about the quality of the people they met during their visits.

Landa Nanography<sup>®</sup> Team

For a start Benny has got the very top people in his development team and has given them the best equipment to work with. The result of this combination is no coincidence – the Landa team stunned our visitors with our latest print samples and substrates.

We started our visit in the Nanography Lab where the story of the Nanography® process begins. In this lab, the team investigates the performance of all of the printing-related components of Nanography®. This includes the ink, the ink ejectors, the transfer blanket and the image screening. They also investigate the Nanographic Printing® process in a controlled environment and the lessons that they learn are applied to the alpha versions of the Nanographic Printing® presses currently under testing, and to the beta versions currently under construction.

All members of the team were happy to talk to our visitors about their experience and qualifications, as well as their particular role in bringing Nanographic Printing® technology to market. Like the football fans in Brazil, our customers had plenty to cheer about. The fact they could see the B1 (41 in. /1,050 mm) Landa S10 press taking shape in front of them and printing full sized B1 (41 in. /1,050 mm) sheets was a big plus to them. The quality of the engineering was another source of wonder and the software development team also got a lot of mentions when we came to review the time spent in Rehovot.

There will be a lot of top teams competing in Brazil in June, but Benny Landa’s team is focused on a longer timescale and the first goal will be the beta installations of the Landa S10 press at our customers in Israel, Germany, UK and USA.

The customers who were with me in Rehovot are enthusiastic supporters and are cheering our progress while they wait to become winners with their own Landa Nanographic Printing® Press.

Landa S10 - Printing Press