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Carving Out a Future with Nanography

Monday, 29 July 2013 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing


I didn’t need a wooden snail. I didn’t actually want one either, but I have got one now.

Let me explain. I have been on vacation in Spain and most days when on the beach, we were visited by “looky looky” men. These guys come mostly from Senegal and spend the summer walking up and down the beaches selling all manner of fake watches, hand bags, DVDs and designer bling. Once you have spent €10 on a Rolex that lasts for less than 24 hours, you start to lose interest in the various offerings and as we have been going down to the same place for the last twenty years, we know what to expect.

On this occasion however the man with the snail was a cut above the usual sales guys. First of all he realised that I was not going to buy a wooden snail, but there was a chance that my wife might – if only he could show her what it could be used for. My wife was engrossed in her Kindle (I know she should support print, but it is me who has to carry her books from England!) but raised an eyebrow as he approached.

That was all he needed. With a flick of the wrist the flat wooden snail, which I thought was a chopping board or tea pot stand, exploded into a fruit bowl. Both my wife’s eyes were wide open now, taking in what she had just seen, and of course the “looky looky” man knew she was hooked.

There followed a sales pitch about how his family made the snails back home in Kenya and he was charged with selling them in Spain. He had three left and so was prepared to let us have one of his last three for only €30. My wife made the fatal mistake of telling me that she liked it and perhaps we could have one. I shot her a glare but started my bidding at €5. Eventually we settled at €15 and the wooden snail now graces our Spanish sitting room table.

As I lay back on the sunbed, €15 poorer, I was reminded of a recent conversation with one of the Landa customers in our Preferred Customer Programme. We were talking about how important it was to sell the “sizzle” not the “sausage” and how brand managers were looking for ever more inventive ways to engage with their customers.

The key is the first few seconds that a potential purchasers eyes fall on the packaging. If the brand owner can retain the attention for those vital seconds, the job of selling to the customer becomes easier. Nanography® will provide a lot of options to do this, from personalisation to focused segmented marketing. Since every impression on a Landa Nanographic Printing® Press is created afresh, the packaging possibilities are endless.

Engaging with the customer was something my Kenyan friend had learned only too well – and practised it on my wife. My new fruit bowl is proof of that.

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