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Close Encounters of the Printing Kind

Monday, 10 March 2014 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

Benny Landa

Industry events are a great way for Landa Digital Printing to catch up with customers who are scattered across the world. Conferences like EFI Connect in the USA and Packaging Innovations in the UK are well organised and consequently well attended by our customers, prospective customers and competitors alike, so I took the opportunity to spend a day recently at the Packaging Innovations conference at the NEC showground in Birmingham.
My main objective was to catch up with packaging converters in our Preferred Customer Programme and let them see the latest print samples in my possession. Customers who have shown the confidence in Landa to give us a letter of intent to purchase and have put down a deposit, get an exclusive and regular view of our progress towards the first beta installations of our B1 format (41 in./1,050 mm) Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press around the end of this year.

Since they are following our development on webinars and teleconferences, it is great for us to meet up in the flesh and let them see the fruits of the labour of the R&D team in Israel. I was able to show the various step changes in the print quality as we have developed the technology in the last couple of years. All who have followed the progress are very positive in their comments and keen to get their hands on their own Nanographic Printing® press.

Packaging Innovations is also a good opportunity for me to see the way that our customers are selling themselves to brand owners and agencies. The conference was a mix of suppliers to the converting industry as well as the converters themselves. The various trade stands give a very good impression of the way that the packaging industry is starting to embrace digital technology in all its forms.

What can digital printing do for me?

One of the most important lessons that packaging converters have to learn is how to sell the benefits of digital technology rather than the features. “ What does it do for me?” is the main question that brand owners are asking. This requires a more educated approach from the sales and marketing teams to ensure they achieve a healthy premium for their digital production.

That education is very much in evidence at the various presentation theatres around the halls where a range of speakers from all parts of the industry provide an insight into their particular interest and speciality. It was no surprise to me to see them very busy again this year, as knowledge is power in this technical age. And when it is freely available from eminent speakers, the audience will respond.

The Landa S10 Nanographic Printing<sup>®</sup> Press

The Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press

My discussions confirmed reports from the PPC and ECMA that overall business optimism is on the upswing. Efficiency is still the primary motivator for capital investments and Landa Preferred Customers and prospects are keenly interested in the gains Nanography® offers.

Nanography® is only one technology that is driving significant change in the printing industry and these conferences are the place to observe the effects the changes are having. Another opportunity will occur in London when Benny Landa gives a keynote presentation at Ipex. He was a surprise guest at EFI Connect in January. But despite being expected at Ipex, you can be sure Benny will provide some inspiration about the future of our industry.

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