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Thursday, 08 June 2017 | By Gilad Tzori


It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been a whole year since I was standing next to a Landa press at Drupa 2016. surrounded by a sea of excited customers.

I can still clearly picture the packed theatre as Benny presented his vision for Nanography®, and then the crowds (including those unable to get tickets who watched it broadcast live in the Arcade) streaming out to experience our presses printing live at production quality and unprecedented speeds. As they left, they lingered to see, touch and even smell hundreds of samples on paper, carton board and plastic, covering almost every major application.

Crowds watching a Landa S10 Press live demo a visitor examining print samples
Crowds watching a live demo and a visitor examining print samples

For me, Drupa 2016 was truly the moment when, together with the 200,000 visitors to Hall 9, I experienced Benny's vision of Nanography® become a reality.

Drupa 2016 was more than just a realization of the dream. It was also an overwhelming endorsement that we are moving in the right direction. $500M in orders, together with strategic agreements with some of the largest players in the industry, are proof that our focus on high productivity, high quality B1 format (41 in. / 1,050 mm) presses that can run any standard substrate is delivering what the market wants.

Today, all our efforts are on bringing that reality to our customers' sites, as we turn our focus from technology to product. Visitors to our headquarters in Israel can now see 11 Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses running, printing hundreds of thousands of B1 sheets every week, and our first Landa S10 beta press will be leaving the production facility next month.


Landa Milestones, Drupa and Beyond

As we look forward to new milestones in the year ahead, I thought it appropriate to celebrate the milestones we have already achieved, and hope you enjoy this reminder of the amazing experience that was Landa at Drupa 2016.

200,000 visitors, 240 live demos, 6,000 samples taken away, and many more highlights

Landa S10 - Printing Press