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Has anyone down under heard of Nanography?

Monday, 25 June 2012 | By Hazel Spiro


I was curious to know if ripples of Nanography® had reached as far away as Australia. So back home in Sydney, I went along to the LIA's (Lithographic Institute of Australia) "Drupa in Review" dinner, to listen and learn about how we featured down under.

A major attraction for me was that on the list of speakers was Andy McCourt – the witty and eloquent "drupa Snooper" – who would be sharing his impressions of the show.

Andy's impressions included the "battle of the printing processes" spanning offset, flexography, gravure, screen and digital imaging offset, liquid toner – 4-pass, liquid toner – 1-pass, to – you guessed it... Landa Nanography®. Since, he mused, all cannot be winners, there would have to be a shakeout before drupa 2016. He spoke of the B2 sheetfed market, with solutions based on Inkjet (Screen, Fuji Film, Delphax, Komori), liquid toner (HP, Ryobi, Miyakoshi), and again – Nanography.

When challenged by an audience member with the question: "My pen from the Landa stand at drupa does not work very well. What are the chances that Nanographic Printing® presses might not either?", Andy responded without hesitation that Nanography "adds something to digital print and ticks all the boxes, including printing on anything, the elimination of drying techniques and cost-per-print". Because of this, some 10 years of solid R&D behind the technology, and his longstanding acquaintance and knowledge of Benny Landa, he saw no reason not to expect Nanography to be available by IPEX. And after all, "Komori, Heidelberg and manroland sheetfed would not have signed an agreement with Landa...."

Questioning whether perhaps two weeks is too long for a show, Andy's mini-investigation on day 13 of the show found that drupa had become very quiet with some stands having no visitors at all, and some stands even having no exhibitors! Only one instance disrupted the way to an indisputable ruling in favor of a shorter show, and that was the Landa stand which was still bursting at the seams with people clamoring for knowledge of Nanography.

All in all, it was a good night for Landa down under. The other speakers at the event also mentioned Landa in their drupa impressions, and a good proportion of Andy's talk focused on the impact that Nanography had made at the printing industry's biggest show. He even shared the Landa technology video with the audience and accompanied it with an explanation for those who had not been to drupa nor yet had the chance to hear the details of Nanographic Printing technology.

Andy McCourt's presentation of Landa's Nanography at the LIA's "Drupa in Review" dinner

Copies of the June issue of Australia and New Zealand's Print21 printing and graphic arts magazine in which the cover page features a photo of Benny Landa with the caption, "The man who stole drupa" were displayed and available for those who wanted to take one away and read Andy's interview with the man who invented Nanography.


So in answer to my question about the reach of Nanographic Printing ripples, I come away from the event assured that they have indeed reached as far away as the shores of Australia. The message of Nanography is definitely spreading, and at Landa we are set to be a major contender in the “battle of the printing processes” that is expected in the upcoming future

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