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Monday, 08 June 2015 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

There are lots of things that we take for granted and my wife will be the first to tell you that she thinks she is one of them as far as I am concerned.

Certainly here in the first world we take for granted that water will come out of the tap when we turn it on, we can light up a room at the flick of a switch, we can jump in our cars and head off on a journey, and we can certainly take for granted that our email inbox will be full when we get up in the morning.

Now an amusing little movie on YouTube produced by Bernd Zipper, the CEO of German based Zipcon Consulting draws attention to what we take for granted when it comes to print. Bernd’s movie starts with him in bed the night before an important product presentation and continues with him having a nightmare where the printed word totally disappears.

Bernd Zipper’s movie about a world without print

Life without printed words and images – amusingly illustrated in Bernd Zipper’s video

All manner of things rely on the printed word from alarm clock numerals and floor numbers in lifts, through packaging and drinks cans, to business cards and PowerPoint hand-outs. The movie shows the nightmare world for Bernd when they all disappear and the message from the movie is the importance of print in our lives.

Fortunately all ends well as it’s only a nightmare and when he wakes up, the world is back to normal. It’s well worth taking the five minutes to watch and is an important reminder to all of us in the printing and packaging industries of how much the world at large relies on our products.

Behind Every Printed Word is a World of Investment

We are also probably guilty of taking for granted the huge amount of investment, innovation and technology that is deployed today by manufacturers and suppliers in our industry to ensure we get the image onto the page, sign, display, box or bag.

Many companies across the world are focused on improving quality, productivity or cost in each of the key areas of print production, and in taking it all for granted, we are just like Bernd in his movie.

Right now somewhere in the world scientists and technologists are working on improvements to the technology in day to day use in our industry and many are also working on the products we are going to be using tomorrow. No more so than the team of scientists and technologists based in Rehovot in Israel, working on bringing Nanographic Printing® technology to market. Millions of dollars and thousands of hours of work by the team at Landa Labs have brought the science of Landa NanoInk® colourants to the verge of introduction by Landa Digital Printing.

Amid all the excitement in Germany in one year’s time, when the Landa team once again unveils its latest developments at drupa 2016, it will be worth having another look at Bernd Zipper’s movie and reminding ourselves that what we simply take for granted is the result of a lot of hard work from very talented people.

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