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Interview with Mercury Print Productions

Wednesday, 03 July 2019 |


We (LDP) talk to Christian Schamberger, President of Mercury Print Productions (M) about their experience with Nanography® technology.

Mercury Print Productions has been providing top quality printing since 1968 out of Rochester, NY, along with top class customer service and support, servicing customers everywhere across the globe. Mercury is more than a printing company priding itself on pushing innovation and digital media in new and exciting directions and merging print media with cutting-edge digital content and distribution solutions. That’s what makes them different to any other print provider.

LDP: How has it been going since you installed the Landa?
M: We were thrilled when our first printed job shot out of our Landa S10P. Being the first to install Landa in North America had its fair share of challenges, but when that first job was produced, I couldn’t have been more pleased. So far, we are running a mixture of both 4/0 and 4/4 work on the press We are finding a large volume of work that is a perfect fit for our Landa S10P and its capabilities, and we are eager to push the limits in terms of what volumes we are able to generate.

LDP: What has been your experience of working with the Landa team?
M: The Landa team has been phenomenal. By far one of the greatest strengths of the Landa organization is its employees. Their knowledge, dedicated customer service, technical ability, friendliness and flexibility of the Landa team has really shaped our experience and the success that we have had to date with our Landa. We see ourselves as innovators in print, and partnering with the Landa team has been an extension of our ambition to generate additional growth.

LDP: How is your team feeling about the Landa Nanographic Printing® Press?
M: We are optimistic about our path forward. Of course, we still have much work to do and appreciate the fact we are still a beta for the S10P but so far the press performance is exceeding our expectations. We are constantly encouraged by the work and the quality of the prints we can print off the press. As with any new installation, there are still areas for improvement regarding stability and reliability, but we are moving forward rapidly.

LDP: How are your customers reacting to your new addition?
M: Our customers are thrilled and excited to have an opportunity to see the press in operation. Let’s be honest, the press is cool, and to have their work printed on such a new, transformational technology boosts their creativity. For Mercury, the press is inspiring us to be more innovative to create and explore new opportunities. It’s an honor to be able to be a part of such a transformational technology and to be able to be viewed by our customers as a chosen partner with Landa.

LDP: How do you see the Landa working for your business? Now? In the future?
M: Quite frankly, we have more jobs for the press than we can currently handle. We find ourselves picking and choosing jobs to run on the Landa. We make our choice based on printing products that call for collation or larger size formats such as card sets and big books. In the future, we see this technology replacing our digital sheetfed toner devices as well as the short run products off our sheetfed offset presses. We’re confident that with our Landa, we’re in the right place to play right now. We see it as key for our growth.

Landa S10 - Printing Press