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Interview with Virtual Packaging

Wednesday, 03 July 2019 |


We (LDP) talk to Tara Duckett, Vice President of Sales and Operations and Jordan Patterson, Director of Administration at our customer in Dallas, Texas (VP) about their experience with Nanography® technology.

Virtual Packaging is a full-service packaging prototype house specializing in a broad range of mock-up capabilities. With a combined 75 years of packaging industry experience, Virtual Packaging has been providing US and international based clients with first class customer service and competitive mock-up prices since 1996.

LDP: How has it been going since you installed the Landa?
VP: We have been looking forward to it since 2015 when we wanted to get into larger format. We realized that if we wanted to get into digital, a 41 in. / B1 format press was our preference. That’s the reason we started to talk to Landa.

We were thrilled when our press arrived and are impressed by how methodically it was installed. The first page that came off the press was so exciting for us. It confirmed we had made the right decision. Comparing our initial prints from test runs we did in Israel to the level the prints are today is exciting. Seeing the progress since a year ago and knowing that we have the machine here to do it ourselves is really compelling us to offer our customers more.

LDP: What has been your experience of working with the Landa team?
VP: Landa took the time to understand our company's vision and mission long before we began our partnership and worked with us to clearly address our expectations right up to and beyond the installion of our Landa S10 press. The Landa team that spent time with us during the S10 install has actively become part of the company and part of our family.

LDP: How is your team feeling about the Landa Nanographic Printing® Press?
VP: Well, most of us are still kids at heart and the presses look like spaceships, so, our team is excited to have the press at our business. Printing is made exciting again. We made sure that our operators were trained, but also that our sales staff worked through the virtual reality training demos. Sending our people to Israel was a treat too but mainly we are thrilled about the opportunities the Landa opens for us and our customers.

LDP: How are your customers reacting to your new addition?
VP: We’ve built our business and reputation around exceptional service which has developed into close relationships with our customers. We can literally produce any type of prototype a customer imagines. Now, with our Landa, we can improve our turnaround times, meet any possible color thrown at us with incredible eye-catching quality. Being able to do more, faster, and in scaling quantities, is going to drive our service to new levels. Since we began our social media campaigns, there has been a buzz. We’ve had customers reaching out to hear more and even popping in, just to see it. We never expected them to become so engaged with the press. We see our Landa supporting us to help our customers imagine the impossible, that we’ll make real.

LDP: How do you see the Landa working for your business? Now? In the future?
VP: The Landa S10 is a powerful addition to Virtual Packaging. It will expand our capabilities into short-run folding carton and flat sheet printing (posters, cards, signage, etc.). We can take a concept from design to mockup to printing to on-the-shelf packages within a few days at the highest quality, offering run lengths, once mockups are approved, from 500 sheets up to 50,000. No matter if it’s our famous brand name customers or new product evangelists, we treat them all the same so across the industries and clients it’s exciting to have a technology that will push the limits, remove constraints and allow us to deliver packaging at premium quality in tight deadlines to look awesome on the shelves.

With our new Landa supporting us, our customers will be able to imagine the impossible. And, we’ll make it real.

Landa S10 - Printing Press