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Monday, 09 May 2016 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

Printers, imagine the waste using only half a tin of ink and throwing the rest away or using a third of a bottle of fount solution and pouring the rest into the recycling? No, neither can I. But that’s exactly what printers do when it comes to adding metallic foil to their printed images.

Hot or cold block foiling is a process that hasn’t changed in years. Now there is increasing demand for the metallic look and feel. Brands in particular want to add value to their products by the aesthetics of the packaging, but the time and cost of making a die and the foil wastage inherent in the process is a discouraging factor.

Now foiling looks to receive the same revolutionary treatment that Benny Landa has brought to offset printing with the introduction at drupa of the Nano-Metallography™ process – yet another revolutionary technology from Landa in Israel.

The Landa Nano-Metallography™  L50 module for metallization technology

The Landa Nano-Metallography™ L50 module fitted on a narrow-web press

Landa scientists have discovered a way of applying a nano-scale layer of metal to printed media. It works by applying a trigger image in the area where metallization is required, using one of the print stations or decks on the press and then using a Landa designed module integrated in the press to apply the metal particles to the printed trigger image.

Only the area where the trigger image is printed receives the metal, with the non-printed area left completely clear. The elimination of costly dies and the time taken to produce them has a dramatic effect on the cost of metallization, but the biggest savings come from the fact that there is zero waste in the process.

On top of all that Landa Nano-Metallography™ printed matter can be microwaveable, so will have significant advantages in the food packaging market.

Zero-Waste Landa Nano-Metallography™ Technology Will Debut at Drupa

The new technology will get a debut on the Landa stand at drupa which opens at the end of this month in Germany. It will no doubt attract the same level of attention as the Nanography® technology did when Benny showed it for the first time at drupa 2012.

Landa Nano-Metallography™ metallization samples

Labels featuring Landa Nano-Metallography™ technology

Where the Nanographic Printing® process was a complete shock to the show visitors then, the recent unveiling of the Nano-Metallography™ technology in Israel at a special press briefing means that printers will have advance notice of the new process.

Matthew Lightstone of Landa demonstrating metallization using Nano-Metallography™

Matthew Lightstone dramatizes the difference between
Landa Nano-Metallography™ consumption and conventional foiling*

I know from conversations I have already had with Landa customers in the last few weeks, that there is a huge interest in seeing the new technology, and it looks like Benny Landa is on to another winner.

Learn more about Landa’s activities at drupa and how to register for the Landa theatre show.

Landa drupa theatre registration form


* (Patrick Henry, April 21, 2016)

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