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Tuesday, 07 June 2016 | By Gerry Mulvaney


All of us working on the stands at drupa 2016 live in a bubble where time stands still and it’s Groundhog Day each and every day. Having said that, for those who are passionate about print there is no better place to be than drupa. And if you are really passionate about print, the Landa booth is definitely the place to be.

Each day the Landa coach arrives at the show and, before the doors open and the customers step inside, the team gathers for a pre-show briefing. The next eight hours pass in a blur of discussions, demonstrations and deals done, with a bit of time for lunch if you are lucky.

Now I don’t want you to get the wrong idea – for a sales person the Landa stand is the equivalent of a kid let loose in a sweet shop. You stand in one place and potential customers flock to see you, or more importantly to see Benny delivering his show and the Nanographic Printing® presses delivering offset quality, at offset speeds with every page different and at the lowest cost per print in the industry.

 Sales executives at work on stand drupa 2016Sales executives at work on stand drupa 2016

Busy Landa sales executives, Song Deng (L) and Gerry Mulvaney (R) explaining the advantages of the Nanography® process to visitors

What at the start seems like a marathon, is now in sight of coming to an end and the little bubble that we have been living in for the last two weeks is about to burst. None of us will want it end, but end it must to make way for the  next chapter in the remarkable story of Nanography®.

Tomorrow will be only two more sleeps before we hug and kiss goodbye to drupa and prepare to continue building the future of print.

Landa at drupa 2016Landa at drupa 2016

 Landa at drupa 2016Landa at drupa 2016

 Landa at drupa 2016Landa at drupa 2016

Landa S10 - Printing Press