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Monday, 25 July 2016 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

I met a lot of interesting people at Drupa from far flung locations and in many diverse parts of the industry. One of the recurring groups of people I met were not those involved in production. They were the representatives of the major brands from around the world who were in Düsseldorf to look at the latest technology and the impact it might have on them.

This is not a new phenomenon – I saw some brands at the last Drupa, but in 2016 they were there in much greater force and wanting much more information than before. Of course they realise that companies like Landa are not going to be selling their products to them and they understood that commercial discussions with our customers remain highly confidential. But it was very important to them to understand the benefits of new technology and to start thinking about ways they could implement it themselves and use it to their advantage.

They were intrigued for example by the wider colour gamut afforded by the Nanography® process. The fact that with seven colours the Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses can cover 96% of the Pantone range means that their brand colours can be covered without the need for spot colours and the associated costs.

The Nanography<sup>®</sup> printing process’s extended colour gamut

The Nanography® process offers printers and brands a wider colour gamut

The ability to produce on a wider range of substrates and with variable data was another important factor for them. It certainly means that the discussions between our users and their customers will take place in a much more informed environment.

Not unnaturally, the Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses were the main draw for the brand directors and managers. Some have been following the Landa story quite closely and have already had discussions with the Landa team. But many others made contact for the first time at Drupa and took the opportunity to explain the changes occurring in their own markets, such as changes in pack sizes, targeted promotions and language versions, with a view to seeing how Nanography® could help solve their needs.

Having got them on the stand, the launch of Landa Nano-Metallography™ technology caught many of them by surprise. Being aware of the limitations of the conventional hot and cold foiling processes, they were excited by the prospect of broadening the use of foiling into other product areas where it is currently deemed too costly or too time consuming to be viable.

LAND9054 s


LAND9057 s 

Landa Nano-Metallography™ metallization offers zero-waste and half the cost of foiling,
good news for brands

Print Providers, Expect to Meet Your Match in Brand Owners

The lesson here for packaging converters and commercial printers is that their customers are taking the trouble to get better informed about technical developments in the industry; when they engage with the brands they need to be aware of this increased knowledge level.

In the past it has been easier to suggest that we are all engaged in some sort of “black art” that only industry insiders could possibly understand.

LAND9158 s

Brands today are knowledgeable and understand how printing technologies impact results

Today that picture is far from the truth. The Internet has made everyone aware of what is available and exhibitions like Drupa enable everyone to get up close and informed, creating a knowledge base open to all.

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