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Landa and ALTANA – Mission Completed AND Kicked Off

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 | By Dr. Andreas Jerschensky


By Dr. Andreas Jerschensky, Head of Corporate Development/M&A, ALTANA AG

I still remember our first meeting with Benny back in November 2013. It was really intriguing how aligned our way to approach new territories is – based on true insight and taking a comprehensive approach to create value for our customers. As a leading true specialty chemicals company ALTANA is driven by innovation, it always has been, and so is Landa. We share the same values and have the same passion for excellence.

And this is exactly why the agreement that we have formalized today is more than a financial investment. It is the starting point of a strategic partnership that will lead to innovative solutions for the printing industry.

Dr. Andreas Jerschensky, ALTANA

Dr. Andreas Jerschensky, Head of Corporate Development/M&A, ALTANA AG

During the last few months my team and I have spent a lot of time talking with various people from Landa, diving deep into their technology and market potential. And the bottom line is: We are convinced that Landa has developed a technology that has nothing less than the potential to be a game-changer to the printing industry.

With today’s agreement we celebrate a mission completed in the quest for a strategic partner at eye level, but we are kicking off a whole new development field for innovative specialty chemicals in digital printing.

For more information about ALTANA’s investment in Landa, read the latest issue of Nano News.

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