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Thursday, 16 May 2019 | By Yishai Amir, CEO


We continue to make fantastic progress on all fronts. Customer presses in the field have been upgraded to 7 colors and are in full production, printing 6,500 sheets per hour with brilliant vibrant colors covering 96% of the Pantone range! Our first perfecting Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press was installed and immediately started selling a broad range of different jobs, opening new opportunities and capturing efficiencies in the production floor that were not possible before. Fogra has tested our prints and validated our color quality. But most gratifying of all is to witness our early customers in full commercial production. We already see production of 65,000 B1/41 in. sellable sheets in one day on a single customer press. We will soon be beating this number consistently.

A Worldwide Presence

We now have Landa S10 installations at Graphica Bezalel, the Edelmann Group in Germany and SCHELLING AG in Switzerland. All these customers are in full production mode and selling packaging and display print jobs. Our second model, the Landa S10P perfector press for the commercial printing market is up and running at Mercury in the US, producing high-quality, time-efficient customer jobs that are just not viable on offset or other digital equipment.

Our second press (Landa S10) in North America is currently being installed at Virtual Packaging, and the third installation is also in progress. Our first customer in China, ZRP, is ready to receive their Landa S10 which will be our first press in Asia.

The first Landa S10P is in full production mode at Mercury Print Productions in Rochester, NY (L to R) John Place – CEO Mercury, Nachum Korman – GM Americas, Landa Digital Printing,
Christian Schamberger – President Mercury

There’s also huge interest from all over the world in the Landa W10 press for flexible packaging, and our first Landa W10 will be shipped this year.

The webfed Landa W10 Nanographic Printing® Press for the flexible packaging market

Non-Stop Action

We are continuously hosting an absolute flood of guests at our facility in Israel, keen to see what Nanography® technology can do for their business. Visits cover a tour of our Nanography and our Print Testing Labs, our manufacturing plants and our new demo center. The responses to the high-quality, vibrant color printing and high production speed are amazing, and interest in our presses is increasing all the time as the potential for printing businesses becomes clear.

Customers Come First

As our customer base and production volumes are growing, we are further extending our press and ink manufacturing capabilities, and remain focused on delivering best in class customer service and support. Our eyes are on our customers’ success and we are continuously evolving the necessary training and support systems as our customer base grows.

Landa’s first customer in Europe, The Edelmann Group’s press operators
and CEO, Oliver Bruns (R) in front of their Landa S10

Landa 7 Color Presses in Full Production at Customer Sites

Graphica Bezalel and Edelmann Group have successfully completed their 7 color upgrades. The seven NanoInk® colors, CMYKOGB, do not compromise on speed – consistently printing 6,500 B1/41 in. pages an hour, and covering up to 96% of the Pantone range. This allows our customers to hit more brand colors with their Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses.

Yishai Amir, CEO and the 7 color Landa S10 press

Looking Ahead: Greater, Better, More

We’re not stopping here. Looking ahead our goals are even greater. Nanography® is a reality around the world, and we are shipping more units to more customers in more countries around the globe this year. Our customer base is growing, and will grow even faster.

I’m thrilled at where we are today starting more long term partnerships with our customers and seeing how Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses open up more business opportunities for them.

Landa S10 - Printing Press