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Landa Digital Printing Chooses Komori – Supplier Extraordinaire!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

I have always believed that suppliers are people of the utmost importance in a business, at least as important as customers and employees but with an essential difference.

A business will certainly have a larger number of customers and probably employees. However you will generally have a smaller number of suppliers who provide product and credit to your business. It’s a fact that companies are generally able to overcome the impact of losing a customer or an employee. But suppliers are different.

Losing a supplier means losing a large part of your inventory and the credit that goes with it. It can, and often does have a material effect on your business, and takes a great deal of effort to replace. Your credit with your suppliers comes from your credibility with them. This is one of the reasons why I spent a great deal of time with my suppliers when I was running a business. I ensured we shared our wants and needs with each other, and I tried to make sure that as a customer we always kept our promises, so I could ask for more from my suppliers when I needed it.

I mention this theory of mine, because Landa has just announced that Komori will become its global supplier of its sheetfed printing press platforms. Landa in turn will become the supplier of Landa NanoInk® Colourants and Nanographic Printing® technology for Komori branded Nanographic Printing presses.

Landa and Komori teams at one of many meetings

The process of selecting Komori has been a long one. It involved many hours of the respective technical teams getting to know each other’s needs and ensuring that they could be supplied. Other manufacturers were also evaluated, but what the relationship with Komori has taught us is that in terms of technology, resources, credibility and financial stability, they are absolutely the right supplier.

Komori, in turn, are expecting great things of Nanography® and not just orders for the press platforms that we will be supplying to our customers in the coming years. As first licensees, they consider Landa a credible supplier of advanced technology in whose hands they are confident enough to commit the future of their own business.

Now you, dear reader, might already have committed yourself to Landa as a customer for one of our presses. You might be about to do so, or – you might just be interested in our progress. But what the news about the Landa and Komori partnership means, is that having closely examined each other’s business model, business ethics, technological competence and financial stability, this will be a partnership with firm foundations and a strong framework for commercializing Nanography and making it the new standard technology for the industry. Any lingering doubts should now be put to bed.

So now might just be the time to start looking at Landa Digital Printing as your potential supplier for mainstream applications. You can make a start by looking at the partnership announcement or contact us through our website.

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