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Tuesday, 30 September 2014 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

As I have travelled around Europe visiting printing companies who are part of the Landa Preferred Customer programme – those businesses who signed letters of intent to purchase a Landa Nanographic Printing® Press and paid an initial deposit – I have become aware that they share several common characteristics despite geographical and language differences.

For a start they are all highly innovative, either in the services they offer or the way they deliver them. They are all run by pretty shrewd individuals who have done the numbers on Nanography® printing, they like the results they get and are also fans of Benny Landa, who has had an impact on their business careers in the past with the Indigo products.

They also share one of Benny’s characteristics: to a man or woman they are fanatical about the quality of the products or services they deliver to their clients. This makes the news of Landa’s partnership with AVT, to provide control systems for the new generation of the digital Landa Nanographic Printing Presses, all the more welcome to them.

AVT have a proven track record when it comes to print quality control and inspection systems and their products are widely used by other offset press manufacturers and by printers. So it makes sense for Landa to partner with a market leader and leverage their product, knowledge and experience for the Landa press.

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Those customer visits by me and, more importantly, by members of our technical team based in Israel, showed us how important the print quality was to the printers. So we needed a way to inspect, measure and report ink ejector nozzle condition, colour uniformity, registration, scaling, skew, random defects such as spots, stains, streaks, etc. and also data integrity.

Because the Nanography process is a radically different technology, the AVT solution will monitor our print quality and can help us maintain the required quality. We also knew that all our customers would want the basic control systems so they will be a standard and integral part of the press working as part of the Landa Cockpit GUI. Since there are certain applications where even greater control and accuracy are required, there will also be the possibility to add further options.

Recently when I was showing some of the latest print samples to a customer in France, I told them that Landa’s biggest critic is probably Benny himself. When it comes to the print quality that the first Landa S10 presses will produce at our beta sites, not only will our engineers have to satisfy our demanding customers, the boss himself will have the final say in whether the press is shipped to the customer’s site. We know now that task will be made slightly less challenging with the AVT systems and expertise integrated into the press.

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Landa S10 - Printing Press