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Monday, 19 January 2015 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

Johannes Gutenberg
Mainz, Germany

Dear Johannes,
Rehovot, Israel
February 2014

When I wrote to you last year, I promised to keep you updated about how your business was going and about the development of Nanography® under the guidance of Benny Landa. Well the good news is that your printing business is actually growing in this digital age.

It has had to adapt over the years and in 2014 we saw that process continuing successfully. Despite pressure from the Internet (a sort of library located in space!) people putting ink on paper are still selling their wares. In fact in 2014 we saw a number of them benefit from receiving copy down a telephone line (a type of verbal messaging system!) directly onto their presses.

I used the system in the summer to produce a book of pictures to commemorate my epic walk across the North of England and I am very pleased with the result. So are a lot more customers who have produced calendars and greetings cards in the same way to commemorate this New Year.

Revenue of print industry pie chart

The global revenue of the print industry*

In 2014 we also saw printers using modern versions of your press to produce boxes and bags and… guess what – instead of manufacturing large volumes of identical products, it now seems that their customers want lots more versions in smaller quantities and even in some cases personalised cartons and bottles. That’s right! Run-lengths of one where the copy has to be changed for each print. Amazing isn’t it! I even saw the same requirement in book publishing for schools, where teachers are producing their own tailored curriculum and order their personalised version of the text book because reading from paper is shown to produce better results! It all added up to more and more printing in 2014.

How Landa is Continuing Gutenberg’s Printing Industry Heritage

Turning to Nanography® , we have made good progress in 2014. You remember how difficult it was when you started printing your bible – how things didn’t happen overnight? Well the same applies to Nanography.

Benny Landa told our customers in a year end blog that re-engineering the press we showed at drupa and getting to the same printing standard as modern offset printing has taken a huge effort by the Landa team in 2014. It has also taken no small sum of money. By the time next drupa comes around, when we expect to have customers using our presses in production, we will have spent over US$250 million bringing the product to market. A lot more than you spent getting your bibles to market! Though it is having the same transformative effect on printing as you had in medieval times.

We have some customers who are going to beta test our press visiting us in the next few months. We would love it if you could join them. You will feel very much at home with Benny Landa and the team. They draw great inspiration from having a hand operated press, similar to the one you used in Mainz, taking pride of place in reception. They will certainly make you welcome.

Best wishes,

* Totals may not add up due to rounding.

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