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Monday, 16 May 2016 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

Dear Johannes,

I am heading over to Germany at the end of this month – not to Mainz actually, but to Dusseldorf, where like the rest of the world of printing, I will spend two weeks at the Drupa 2016 show in the Messe Centre.

Benny Landa with Team Landa

Time to nano again – with Landa at drupa 2016

I know that you can’t make it yourself, not having been around for the past 548 years. But if you were able to make it, you would be shocked at the progress that has been made since you first started setting your movable metal type in a grape press*. The finished result is very similar – colourful text and images on paper and board, but in the last few years there have been huge improvements in the quality as a result of new technology, every bit as revolutionary as yours was when you introduced it in Strasbourg.

For the next couple of weeks Dusseldorf will be a heaving mass of your disciples, with languages from just about every region of the world discussing the benefits of the marvellous range products and services on display.

The dialogue will be at its loudest every night in the Altstadt, where those with enough energy left after tramping round the seventeen halls of the fairground, will gather for some rest and recuperation. They might even be encouraged to join in the singing of the rather catchy Drupa song after a couple of the locally brewed beers. Have a listen. The hotels will be packed, as will the restaurants, with people of all nationalities joined in a common interest by the universal language of print and paper.

Just about every aspect of the industry you gave birth to will be represented in the fairground. Analogue printing presses, computer to plate systems, guillotines and folders will sit alongside workflow and MIS software, paper and ink, digital presses and digital finishing. Spoilt for choice, delegates will need to plan their visit carefully if they are going to cover their specific area of interest. But there is one place that I can virtually guarantee every visitor will make for and that is the Landa stand in Hall 9.

On the Landa Stand at Drupa: Benny Landa and the Best Theatre Show in Town

Benny Landa – the man who inherited your mantle, and who is widely recognised as the father of digital printing, will be hosting his own show in the Landa Theatre throughout the eleven days of the exhibition. For anyone interested in the future of Print, the Landa stand will be the focal point.

Landa theatre registration form on website

Register your interest in attending the Benny Landa theatre presentation

Every day of the show Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses will be printing vibrant colourful images on paper and plastics. Real products showing the remarkable characteristics of the Nanography® process. And this time visitors will be taking them away.

Benny will also use the show to launch Nano-Metallography™ technology, a zero-waste process for applying metallic effects at less than 50% of the current cost. Every bit as revolutionary as your press!

I am just sorry you can’t be there with us, but if you are looking down I know that Benny will do your legacy proud.

Best wishes,


* “Using the typesetting technologies of Asia, a modified recipe of oil-based ink and a design built on the olive and grape screw-type presses used by farmers across Europe, Gutenberg developed his famous printing press.” (

Landa S10 - Printing Press