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Thursday, 02 July 2020 | By



As the coronavirus escalated in mid-March and more countries went into lockdown, we got our Field Support Engineers home and continued to offer seamless support to our customers. We, the Nano News editors (NN), interviewed Maor Avner (MA), Head of Service Delivery and Customer Support at Landa Digital Printing to talk about the challenges in maintaining our service momentum from multiple offsite locations.

NN: Who would have thought, within days and in some places just hours, our Field Support Engineers would go from being at customer sites to be in lockdown at home? How did the Landa Service and Support team cope during these challenging times?
MA: Lockdown or not, we are determined to be there for our customers. The thrill of seeing additional jobs directed to our presses was motivation for our regional and global field teams to be remote engineers. As usual, we carefully tracked all support issues to ensure no call was unattended and continued to be on remote alert. We adapted fast. As a team, we aligned directly with our customers, assigned owners, deployed available tools, and set deadlines. We made sure our customers met their production benchmarks.

NN: What has been the most important learning for you and your team this quarter?
MA: We have learnt that communication and understanding our customers’ priorities are more important than anything else. For some of our customers, this was the time where their digital production line was put to the test. As supermarket and pharmaceutical shelves had to fill up, there was pressure for fast turnaround of products and the Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses became the more sensible production line. Both we and our customers were more open to sharing goals and together we solved an issue by teaming up with whoever was on site. We strengthened our partnerships and collaborated to ensure the success of the process.

NN: How do your take the experience forward?
MA: Going forward, we will perfect and improve our tools that empower our customers to grow their knowledge of the press and its unique technology in order to enhance their problem-solving abilities and press utilization. As with any heavy-duty machinery, online tools that enable predictive maintenance are crucial. I am glad Landa is continuing to enhance these developments. Our culture of excellence comes from the relationship we have with our customers. Overall, the Landa Service and Support Team is really an extension of the Landa Nanographic Printing® Press onsite.