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Nanographic Printing Technology – The Journey

Monday, 19 August 2013 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

Landa Nanographic Printing Technology – The Journey

A traveller stops on an Irish country road and ask directions from a local. “Well Sir, if you are heading there, I wouldn’t be starting from here” is the reply. This rather apocryphal story came back to me recently when I was looking around the Landa Digital Printing facilities in Rehovot.

You see, many long established manufacturers introducing new products or technology have the burden of doing so on the back of their existing infrastructure. However unsuitable it might be, they never get a chance to start with a blank sheet of paper because the costs of starting somewhere else would be too prohibitive.

Now for the Landa team planning the introduction of the first of the B1 large format Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses into Europe and the USA, the blank sheet of paper is a reality. So they don’t “have to start from here” and can in fact take a fresh approach to building a support and logistics infrastructure.

Being based in Israel and at the centre of the IT industry, means Landa can turn to the best brains and latest technology to create the customer support network. Today they have in place the nucleus of the team who will have the responsibility of delivering customer support and Landa NanoInk® , even though the first press is months away from being delivered to a customer site.

Starting from scratch, the very best customer relationship management system is being created – I had sight of the portal which will be the link between Rehovot and a customer base spread eventually across the world. From what I could see it will be an intuitive and interactive communication tool. It will be a repository of knowledge for the customers worldwide to share knowledge and experience with the Landa team. Service will not simply be a question of something breaking and needing fixing, but a constant process of monitoring, evaluating and maintaining.

I saw some wonderful examples of virtual reality being designed into the system to guide operators remotely in their maintenance tasks. I saw systems being prepared to communicate with presses 24/7 to check performance and reliability, as well as alerting operators to potential and upcoming faults.

In the space that will become the B1 large format digital press assembly hall, the systems are already being installed to put together components from suppliers in Israel and countries much further afield. Again the opportunity is being taken here to use the latest technology to help the assembly teams maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability in the process. The blank sheet approach for Nanography® gives freedom to innovate and improve efficiency, while keeping costs under control.

So although Landa Digital Printing is “not starting from here”, it certainly is “heading there” towards the most modern, innovative and advanced production and support infrastructure in the industry.

Very soon, those businesses that are in our Preferred Customer Programme, will start to get a glimpse of the advances being made and which they will soon themselves be experiencing.

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