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Nanography®. Prints on Anything!

Monday, 16 June 2014 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

My wife has been nagging me to tidy up my study. You know the sort of thing, “You can’t expect the children to have to tidy it up when you die” and “Why do you want to keep those old things?” Of course she does not understand my attachment to some of the items which include my first mobile phone and pictures of my beloved Nottingham Forest Football Club, but she reserves most of her scorn for the boxes which my various Apple gadgets were packaged. “Why on earth do you want to keep boxes that you will never use again?”

The answer of course is because in my eyes they are beautiful examples of modern packaging. When I got my first iPhone 3G, I could not believe the gorgeous sleek black box in which it came. The embossed picture of the phone on top, accurate in size, stunningly printed, edged in silver and with the home button recessed, was a masterpiece. It reminded me of the jewel encrusted caskets in which Egyptian mummies were lovingly laid to rest.

My iPad box was another winner – beautifully printed and coated, well manufactured packaging, and a joy to handle. And finally, the black minimalist box for my iPhone 5, sensuously tactile and looking very cool. How could anyone, apart from my wife, want to throw these tributes to packaging designers away?

A lot of brands are now following Apple’s example and looking for new and exciting ways to package their products, which brings me to a picture of a thumb nail adorned with… a Nanographic print!

One Small Printed Nail, One Giant Leap for the Industry

I was chatting to the scientists in Landa’s Nanography Lab recently about their work on substrates. They have been busy looking at all the main substrates that those companies in our Preferred Customer Programme are currently using and testing their compatibility with Landa NanoInk® technology. They were really keen to stress the very wide range of substrates tested, and not only those used by our customers. Using test rigs which enable inks and ink heads to be tested before they are taken through to the pre-production Landa S10 models that are currently being assembled in Rehovot, they can – and do – experiment with all sorts of media.

I saw examples of printing with NanoInk® colourants on metal and wood, in addition to the usual plastics and paper. It was when I pressed one of the engineers for the most unusual substrate, that he printed the Landa logo on… a finger nail. His point was well made!

Landa logo printed on nails using Nanographic Printing<sup>®</sup>The Nanography® process prints on anything! Case in point – Landa Nanographic nails!

We are certainly going to be surprised by the vision of packaging designers once they get their hands on Nanographic Printing® technology. We are going to see some very unusual substrates being turned into amazing packaging, although probably not fingernails or other body parts!

Nanography® is going to give imaginative designers freedom to experiment and I am dying to see the finished results. One thing is certain, my wife will still be complaining about my hoarding of beautiful packaging for a long time to come.

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