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Monday, 14 March 2016 | By Bob Boucher


By Bob Boucher, Senior Copywriter

Buying a can of soda is a pretty routine activity. It’s almost automatic. You go the store, find your favorite brand, buy it, and drink it. While quenching your thirst, that soda is not likely going to be the most thrilling, emotional moment of your day. If it is … well, we won’t go there.

But, if the two biggest soda makers have anything to say about it, your soda drinking experience may be in for a fizzy little surprise. Take Pepsi, for example, which will roll out a worldwide “PepsiMoji” campaign this summer. It’s Pepsi’s latest parlay in the ongoing competition with Coca-Cola – which previously introduced personalized bottles and cans featuring people’s names.

Pepsi’s emoji blitz “Say it with Pepsi” was reported in ADWEEK. Capitalizing on the popular emoji trend, Pepsi hopes the campaign will grow its brand affinity among new generations of young customers.

After testing well in several countries, the popular mini face icons are ready for prime time – soon to appear on Pepsi cans and bottles in 100 countries.

In true emoji fashion, the Pepsi icons express a broad range of emotions, personalities and situations – love, fun, happiness, playtime, nationalities, glee, thrills, beach scenes, foods, birthdays, recreation, flirtation, sassiness, music, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Say it Your Way, with Printed Emojis on Pepsi’s Packaging

The hundreds of PepsiMoji designs all featuring the brand’s circular shape and proprietary colors, blue, red and white, are meant to motivate Pepsi customers to express themselves in different languages and through a new medium. Bottlers in different countries can even create their own culturally relevant emojis.

In fact, a friend in Sydney reports spotting customized, Aussie-centric Pepsi cans at her local market— featuring emoji characters in the act of flag waving, cricket playing, surfing, and… thongs! * From what we hear, it made her a g’day!

PepsiMojis printed on Pepsi packaging for the Australian market

Country-customized PepsiMojis featuring quintessential Aussie thongs, cricket, barbie and beach culture**

So, can digital inventions such as emojis exist in the print and packaging world? By adorning their cans and bottles with those happening, happy faces, Pepsi is proving they can. Drink up!

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* Thongs – In Australia, the accepted term corresponding to flip flops or slip slops or jandals in other countries.
** For those keen to understand Aussie speak, refer to:

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