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Pokémon GO... FOR PRINT??

Thursday, 14 July 2016 | By Louis Gordon


By Louis Gordon, Marcom Manager, Landa

Everyone is talking about Pokémon GO, the new free mobile game that allows you to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon who appear in the real world around you. It uses your smartphone’s GPS, clock and camera to create an augmented reality experience that makes you feel like you’re in the game, not just playing the game.



According to Google Trends, Pokémon GO is even more popular than Barak Obama and Brexit. The Daily Telegraph reports that more people are searching Google for Pokémon GO than porn. I kid you not. Here’s the screen capture from Google Trends:



What’s Driving This New Pokémania?

For starters, Pokémon GO is new and exciting. It’s simple to use. It offers nostalgia for those who might have played the original game in the 1990s but uses technology, i.e., augmented reality, to deliver a significant improvement over the original experience. And it’s fun. And although Pokémon GO was developed for the Pokémon Company by a young company called Niantic, it actually has a long history of innovation as part of Google.


The Nano of Pokémon?

On a certain level, this reminds me of the Nanography process and our Nanographic Printing® presses. Nanography is a new printing process that has excited the market. The black glass and steel look of Landa’s Nanographic Printing presses reflect the exciting and novel nature of the printing process. The presses are intuitive and simple to use. Designed around the press operator, they combine ergonomics, touchscreen technology, video technology, and a sleek graphical user interface—complete with virtual job tickets—and more to deliver a significant improvement over the original offset printing experience. They’re even fun to use. And of course, Nanography was developed by a young company called Landa Digital Printing, with a long history of print innovation by its founder, Benny Landa, the father of digital commercial printing.

While Drupa 2016 may have been too early for Pokémon GO, maybe Pikachu will make it to GraphExpo.

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