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Monday, 10 June 2013 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing


The phenomenon that is today’s social media has spawned a number of groups on Twitter but #printchat is one that brings a collective wrap to people in the printing industry worldwide. Of course the time zones have an effect, particularly if you have to stay up late to participate in Europe, or get up early in Australia, but once the tweeting starts the #printchat hour flies by and before you know it, it is time to get into your pyjamas in England or out of them in Australia! 

#Printchat is hosted by Deborah Corn and Sandy Hubbard with their twitter tags of @printmediacentr and @sandyhubbard respectively. There are also occasional guest moderators who along with Sandy and Deborah try to bring some organisation to the chaos that is often the world of Twitter. I first came across them last year and have since become a regular attender of #printchat. This is not a forum for selling your wares, so although I have provided information about activities related to Nanography® when asked, it is much more fun joining in the question and answer sessions that let you explore the world of print with your print colleagues around the world.

Last week the questions included “Has anyone seen a demonstration of anything cool recently – machines, software or technology?”, “Anyone seen anything inspiring Print” and “If you had a print / marketing theme song, what would it be?” Answers included personalised Coca Cola bottles, printed solar panels, business cards made of Lego, augmented reality business cards and “Monty Python’s ‘Always look on the Bright Side of Life’”. I think you can get the idea, it is not always that serious but you do get some surprising contributions, good ideas and a sense of an international print community. You will also pick up a lot of extra followers on Twitter if you are participating in the chats.

There are some large organisations taking part including Xerox Production and HP Indigo but there are also some smaller companies such as Drytac and EasyPack, but it is mainly down to a broad spectrum of individuals in the Industry who are passionate about printing and packaging, joining in. So if you are a Twitter user, passionate about print and in the right time zone to join in the real time discussions, search for the #printchat tag and I hope we on #printchat will have the pleasure of your company in the weeks to come.

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