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The Landa Social Hub: Elevating the User Experience to a Higher Realm

Monday, 02 December 2013 | By Noam Harel


By Noam Harel, Online Marketing Manager, Landa Digital Printing

We all appreciate the complexities and challenges facing printers and converters. Plus, spending countless hours navigating the vast regions of the Web to gather information isn’t always the best use of your valuable time. If you’ve heard about Nanography® and want to know more, we understand that you want to hear what your peers have to say. In fact, we encourage it! That’s why we created Landa's pioneering Social Hub – a single destination on the Landa website for accessing and interacting with all of our social media feeds.

Part of Landa’s culture is its emphasis on the customer experience, from its Nanographic Printing® presses to its corporate website. We saw that, as with the majority of sites, users could only access the latest news and comprehensive updates in a disjointed way through a variety of different channels.

Realizing that users could benefit from a single destination where they could access all of Landa’s social media feeds, we created the Social Hub. It offers a convenient way for people to see all of the interesting content that we’re sharing over social media without necessarily being a social media user.

The Landa Social Hub

Landa’s New Pioneering Social Hub

The Social Hub was part of our vision to create a website with an enhanced, personalized user journey, making it more interactive and user friendly.

The Social Hub applies the same simple user-friendly design and usability principles of the Landa Operator Cockpit, the user interface of the Landa Nanographic Printing® Press. New visitors to the Social Hub can view all of Landa’s social media channels in a single click without the need to log in or register with any of the social media channels.

Our customers and visitors are constantly engaged in online conversations on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. They’re commenting on blog posts, asking questions, seeking information, and offering feedback that’s invaluable to our buyers. Pulling all those dialogues and comments in real-time into one simple timeline is the singular mission of the Social Hub.

When considering a technology like ours – one that’s new to the market – it’s especially important for owners to stay ahead of the knowledge curve without getting bogged down in the effort. Things are changing rapidly at Landa. We’re adding new features and functionality all the time. We’re making constant progress towards commercialization and many of the features we’re developing are based on your input.

Like the Nanographic Printing® process, the Landa Social Hub is a pioneering concept – it’s the print industry’s first communications tool offering engagement and interaction across multiple social media channels. The Social Hub site provides virtually unlimited customer engagement opportunities leading to an optimal user experience.

Using the newest HTML5 architecture, the Landa Social Hub and the entire redesigned site offer visitors an experience that is easy to use and responsive to busy, fact-finding executives. Intuitive navigation and interactive tools enable quick access to Landa technology and products – all through a personalized, enjoyable, and fruitful customer journey.

We invite you to join the Landa community through the Social Hub. See what’s happening, hear what’s being said, offer comments, interact with peers and Landa staff, and share your opinions. The Social Hub is designed for you because you and your peers help define and refine our solutions, and create the buzz that ultimately determines Nanography’s success.

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