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The New Landa S10 Design: Inspiration and Innovation

Monday, 23 September 2013 | By Benny Landa


By Benny Landa, Chairman & CEO

The New Landa S10 Design: Inspiration and Innovation

When we returned from drupa, all of us at Landa had a sense of euphoria. We had worked so hard and we had such amazing results: tens of thousands of visitors to our booth; standing room-only shows; dozens of articles about Nanography®; and some two hundred thousand visitors to our website, YouTube channel and social media pages.

In short, the reaction to Nanography was phenomenal. It was clear that we’d really touched a nerve and that the industry desperately needs a digital solution for mainstream printing.

There was no time to rest; we needed to deliver on our promises. Our first priority, of course, was improving print quality. In parallel, we sent teams to visit our new customers to get their feedback on our presses and to better understand how they work.

Over a period of months, our product managers and sales people visited more than 120 customers in over 10 countries. They came away with some amazing insights. We learned about the need for automation, inline coating and more. But one thing in particular took us a bit by surprise: the iconic Landa Touchscreen was not in the right place! Its central location at the front of the press was not ideal for operators, who spend most of their time at the delivery area. Walking back and forth to the Touchscreen would not enhance their experience; it would actually make it more difficult.


So I told our team that we needed to look even more deeply into how press operators work in order to deliver something revolutionary, a unique customer experience – like when John Deere revolutionized farmers’ experience by enclosing their tractor cabs and adding comfortable shock-absorbing seats and even air-conditioning.

While everyone initially thought that air-conditioning was a luxury or a nice-to-have accessory for tractors, it soon proved to be a huge enhancement to the experience of the tractor operator and an incredible productivity booster.

I am confident to say that the Landa Operator Cockpit is a similar breakthrough. It sets a new standard for operating any production printing press, digital or conventional. And we’ve made great strides in our print quality. We are rapidly nearing high offset quality – as anyone who saw our samples at PRINT13 can attest.

Today’s announcements about our product enhancements and improvements have been the culmination of effort spanning across our entire company, involving tireless efforts of many, to whom I would like to express my sincerest appreciation.

I would also like to thank our customers who have opened up their businesses to us. Their insights, experiences and friendships have enriched us and will ensure that our Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Presses will better meet market needs.

I am so gratified by the wonderful feedback that we have received from numerous customers who have told us how happy they are with the new print quality and the new product features. I hope you are too!

Landa S10 - Printing Press