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The Pleasure of Perfect Packaging

Monday, 08 September 2014 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

The most beautiful packaging I have ever seen arrived at my home recently. I opened it reverentially and stared at it for some time before gently opening the lid. My eyes set light on a black and white picture of a famous victory well known to me and thousands of others.

On carefully raising the flap containing the picture, I spied a small booklet of tickets which would create dreams, expectation and probably heartache for me in the coming months. On the inside of the flap was a lovely message: “I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am to have you on board for 2014-15. Thanks for your support”. It was signed by Fawaz Al Hasawi, the Chairman and Owner of Nottingham Forest Football Club.

Forest FC 2014-15 season ticket package

Beautifully crafted package presenting Nottingham Forest Football Club season ticket

For a few minutes I was completely overwhelmed by such a lovely way of presenting me with my season ticket, something I had parted with a small fortune to acquire. The exquisitely designed and produced box containing my ticket was a masterpiece of clever marketing that seduced even this old cynical print veteran.

Of course technology could provide a smartcard that would simply be upgraded every year and allow me to touch it on a reader at the City Ground each time I attended a match, but I have to say that a smartcard, updated by an email from the Chairman would not have evoked the emotional experience that my beautifully crafted package provided.

Packaging with Passion

There are lots of reasons why packaging is an important part of today’s shopping experience. The need to protect the contents is an obvious one and why packaging evolved in the first place. The need to provide content information is another one and with increasing legislation attempting to improve our health and lifestyles, the amount of space taken up by government advice is leaving precious little room for the other need – how to use or employ the contents of the box, pouch or packet.

Packaging also has an important role in selling the product – if there’s enough space left on it. Increasingly shoppers are making buying decisions in the supermarket aisles and what they are looking at will heavily influence that process.

With all these constraints, there is still room left for beautifully crafted packaging. Apple is one brand whose packaging is a cut above the rest and there are some cosmetic and chocolate and drinks brands that spend a great deal of time getting their packaging to look and feel fabulous, making emotion part of the buying experience.

Fortunately there is no government requirement to list the contents, nor for an explanation on how to use my season ticket. If there was a warning about how high and low I would be over the next six months, I am sure my five minutes of unadulterated pleasure would have been severely curtailed.

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