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Monday, 11 July 2016 | By Gerry Mulvaney


By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

Eleven days in May and June gave me insight into a number of different print businesses that I do not normally encounter in my daily life as a Landa Business Manager.

My many years in offset lithography has given me significant insight into commercial printing, but it was only over the last few years with Landa Digital Printing that I have become for more familiar with book printing, folding carton printing, flexible packaging and labels. All were well represented at Drupa 2016 with examples from just about every geography and territory.

Chatting about US diaper bags and South American pet food packaging, as well as Chinese medicine boxes and Indian newspapers, meant a rich and varied journey around the printing industry in the course of the eleven days of Drupa 2016.

Landa print samples at drupa 2016

Landa print samples at drupa 2016

Printing wallpaper on the other hand is not something I normally encounter, but I found myself learning about the hybrid machines that emboss, print and gild rolls of wall coverings for houses in Asia and North America.

Floor coverings were another topic covered during my stint on the Landa stand at Drupa 2016. Apparently it is now in vogue in some countries to personalise your floor with bespoke designs and images, and much the same with wall coverings. The economics are exactly the same as making food boxes and diaper bags.

The current technologies such as lithography, flexo and gravure are just too expensive to be used for short run bespoke production. So the specialist printers were attracted to the Nanography® process for exactly the same reasons as the other printers and converters: the ability to print onto just about any off-the-shelf substrate, with rich vibrant colours, at offset printing speeds and with the lowest cost of any printing process in runs of up to fifteen thousand square metres in some cases. These are qualities that are necessary to a wide variety of applications. And Nanography’s unique combination of all these capabilities could see it being deployed one day in areas we have not yet contemplated.

The Nanography® Process Has the Potential to Print a Wide Variety of Applications

Today of course Landa is concentrating on installing the first sheetfed presses, which were announced at Drupa 2016, in early 2017. Folding carton printing, commercial printing and Point of Sale (POS) materials is where we will start, with flexible packing coming up soon after. And with a successful beta period behind us, the market will then open up for commercial installations by early adopters of the technology.

Watch how Landa’s Nanography® process works (excerpt from Landa’s drupa theatre show)

Based on the customer conversations at Drupa, Landa R&D teams will be looking at a very wide range of substrates to check their suitability for the Nanography® process. And you can bet that in the coming years we will see them in commercial applications.

The days of your favourite football team or grandchildren staring down from your bedroom wall – in all of their glorious colour – may become a reality. Perhaps walking into a room on a carpet of holiday images is also not so far away. Nanography, we can be sure, will have a wide and varied application in the many years to come.

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