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Thursday, 14 June 2018 | By Matthew Lightstone, VP Business Development


Three team members from the Edelmann Group – Landa’s first European customer, are on an exciting journey. They have been training up and learning all about the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press.

Werner Seidel, Jana Sophie Schweizer and Jochen Schlumberger travelled from Edelmann’s print factory in Heidenheim, Germany to Landa’s facilities in Israel for an eight day, action-packed on-the-job training course to prepare them for their roles as operators of their newly installed press.

Landa’s training program incorporates online E-learning sessions, on-the-job training and VR technology. It ensures operators have all the skills needed for the daily management of the press, for preventive maintenance and for troubleshooting.

Werner, print division head at Edelmann and team leader explains how they selected the operators for the press, “First of all, a suitable candidate must have experience in the printing industry. He or she must be multi-skilled and tackle not only the mechanical aspects of the press, but also the ability to master software applications, and then run a press independently including proofing and assessing the print quality of the output. Both Jana and Jochen fitted these criteria.”

“I’m really excited, it’s a good opportunity to learn something new and different, and to get more experience and to understand a new technology”, says Jana, who has been involved in Edelmann’s journey with Landa from the start, and until now has been working with offset presses. The biggest challenge for her was learning the new, multiple systems that are unique to the Landa press.

In preparation for their trip, while still back home, they took the E-learning online training course which Jochen sees as an important stage in his overall learning process. “I’ve got a lot to learn. Operating a press of any type is a new experience for me as I come from the prepress side but I’m very much looking forward to this new personal challenge”.

Three Edelmann print operators with Landa trainer

(L to R) Landa trainer, Shay Avraham, training the Edelmann team: Werner, Jana, Jochen

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Landa S10 Edelmann operators undergoing hands-on training

Werner is impressed by both the high-tech digital world at Landa and also by the training program: “The training was well prepared and well-structured and the change up from theory to classroom and hands-on time on the machine was very well done”.

Landa and Edelmann, First Steps Towards the Future – Together

All three agree that the training was well organized. Having access to the production floor and direct contact with the people at Landa was extremely valuable. The good relationship they established with the Israel training and support teams, allowed them to openly discuss and get answers to any issues and questions about the technology and the press. This contact, together with Landa’s cutting-edge onsite and remote problem-solving technology, puts in place a system of cooperation for the future resolution of issues.

Jochen sums up, “We have taken the first step towards the future. The trip to Landa and to Israel has been really important and a fantastic chance to understand the Landa vision and the future of printing. Everyone we have met has been really kind and helpful.” In agreement Werner concludes, “It’s a great start for both parties. Let’s do it!”

Edelmann Group and Landa teams during operator training at Landa Israel

Teams Edelmann and Landa, ready to go!

Landa S10 - Printing Press