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Monday, 21 November 2016 | By Gerry Mulvaney


Autumn has arrived in Europe and the weather has cooled down now in the south. The population of Northern Europe has returned from the beaches of Spain, France, Italy and Greece, back to the cities like Paris, London and Berlin – cities in which the tourists have been able to roam free without the crowds of commuters and office workers. The mass exodus to the south happens every year in July and August and generates a lot of business for hotels, restaurants, campsites and sun lounger sellers.

The summer tourist season also generates a lot of business for those of us in the printing industry, despite the increased use of smartphones and travel apps. In London for example, it’s common to see crowds of tourists from the Far East with their folded maps given out free of charge by their hotels, navigating their way around the major attractions. In Paris, the banks of the River Seine are patrolled by teams looking for clients for the Bateaux Mouche tourist boats, armed with flyers and leaflets extolling the virtues of their particular brand of dinner and sightseeing.

It doesn’t matter which city you visited or if you are one of the lucky ones who headed for the beaches. Either way you will come across all sorts of printed materials targeted at you the tourist and aiming to part you from some of your holiday spending money.

Printed Greece and Spain vacation flyers Printed Greece and Spain vacation flyers

Printed flyers promoting vacations

In Prague, Landa’s Marcom Manager, Louis Gordon, recently had first-hand experience of the way in which print is being combined with smartphone technology. He had booked and paid for an airport transfer online, which came with a downloadable PDF, but in the taxi he received a free pocket-sized booklet containing a Prague city map, reviews of various destinations and restaurants information, and information about the company’s group and private tours.

The printed guide was an unexpected treat as alleviated the need to rely on Google Maps and the other online apps and let him conserve his smartphone battery for taking photos. The clever service provider had utilised a combination of digital and print technology to provide a positive customer experience while promoting additional products.

Pages from printed Prague city guide Pages from printed Prague city guide
Pages from printed Prague city guide Pages from printed Prague city guide

Printed pocket-sized Prague city guide for tourists on vacation

New Digital Printing Technologies are Keeping Print Relevant

Out-of-the box thinking and digital print technologies can help keep pace with smartphone innovations. With the Nanography® process from Landa Digital Printing and digital finishing systems from companies like Highcon now on the horizon, there will be many new opportunities for printers. The combination of sophisticated and complex finishing, combined with the productivity, cost effectiveness, substrate variations and variable data printing afforded by Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses is going to provide many more unique and attractive ways to create these marketing materials.

Whether its multilingual menus that fold into models of the restaurant or hotel, city maps that can double as rain hats (that would be a big hit in London and Dublin) or Bateaux Mouche flyers that fold into souvenir boats, I bet that you can come up with some ideas to keep print relevant and valuable.

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