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Landa S10P Printing at 13,000 SPH Landa S10P Printing at 13,000 SPH


Landa collects $685m in orders at #drupa2016 @landanano @drupa,la… via @proprint

Benny Landa is the Steve Jobs of print - as a showman and as an innovator #Drupa @landanano,la…

Correction: 40,000 attendees saw the @landanano show at #drupa2016, and the firm booked more than €450m of orders for Nanographic presses.

@landanano anuncia ventas en @drupa por mas de 450 millones de Euros. #BazaEnDrupa

.@landanano Racks Up Over €450 Million in Orders for Nanographic Printing Presses #drupa2016

€450 Million in @landanano orders at #drupa2016…

@landanano did it again. Landa nano presses took in €450 million in orders at drupa's close, includes multiple orders from from Asia Pacific

@landanano berichtet von Bestellungen in dreistelliger Millionenhöhe bei der #drupa2016.…

The real power of small, bigger than ever >>

If you were impressed with the @landanano S10 at #drupa2016 check out this video…

Some more photos from the stunning @landanano show #nanography #print #drupa2016

Good morning drupa! Today is the last day of #drupa2016 so we are going live Twice! Live streaming the Landa Drupa Theater Show featuring Maria Kong at 12:00 and 15:00 CEST today. Join us

The popular Show of #drupa2016 Landa @landanano @drupa

.@landanano leaders Benny Landa and Yishai Amir met with the media during #drupa2016 @LabelAndNarrow

Coffee with #landanano @drupa @landanano

@PMDeputy @drupa we enjoy having each and everyone of you at our stand

I saw it. Great show - worth to follow @landanano @locrmaps…

Ok @sandyhubbard ... I had #coffee with Mr. Landa at #drupa2016 today. #brandingboss @landanano... check please!

This @Landanano Nanographic press has our name on it...literally! We can't wait to get our hands on it. #drupa2016

Just more three sleeps at #drupa2016 >> By @gerrymulvaney

I can't tell you what Mr Landa @landanano said to me, but let's just say it made my day!! #drupa2016

It's all about the #colors #drupa2016

Touching is believing #Colors #drupa2016

@cjconnor24 you guessed it right, but it will be streamed on the big screen outside during the day #drupa2016

Informative briefing with Benny Landa @landanano, their marketing never stops, even the (good) coffee is on message!

A very visually impressive show by Benny Landa of @landanano at #drupa16 introducing #nanography

#drupa2016 nanotechnoloy - really great show & vision by @landanano

This is what the Landa stand looks like during any of our 20 daily live demos at #drupa2016

Colordruck Baiersbronn, primer cliente de #Nanography en Europa @landanano

A toast to a new Landa W10 for Reflex at drupa > #drupa2016

@willrwp has his way for a second time. @ReflexLabels to be the first UK customer for W10 >>

Catching up with old friends and new technology at #drupa2016 #stsinks #UNLEASHPRINT @landanano

@landanano getting ready to deliver nanotechnology; impressive presentation and product!

See you tomorrow! @landanano #drupa2016

Ned &Nelly's Nano Farm - Landa Digital Printing

See How Our Landa NanoInk is Good For The Planet: 1. Diluted by tap water 2. De-inkable Ink 3. Recyclable Packaging Landa NanoInk - Caring For Our Planet.

@landanano @drupa @Dorien_Cooreman it was a really good show, glad we had the chance to experience it!

Want some real #drupa action? Visit the Landa stand in Hall 9 for live printing demos, a magical theater experience and a glimpse of the future of print. #drupa2016

The Landa stand is alive with people, action, demos and x5 a day theater shows. THAT’S the power of nano!

The action-packed, people-packed, nano-packed Landa stand at drupa 2016

Day after day on the Landa stand at drupa 2016: all the action, the people, the live Nanographic Printing press demos and the spectacular theater show by ...

@landanano Wow, it's amazing to see how many people love to see your show. Great work here at #drupa2016!

Landa S10 demo a few minutes ago at Landa stand, you got to be there #drupa2016

Landa S10 demo now at Landa stand, you got to be there #drupa2016

Landa S10P Printing at 13,000 Sheets Per Hour

See the Landa S10P printing at 13000 SPH at drupa 2016 in a live demo.

We love that picture!…

If you're at #drupa, Hall 9 with Landa is the place to be. Read Gerry's first impressions of #drupa2016 >>

If you're at #drupa, Hall 9 with Landa is the place to be. Read Gerry's first impressions of drupa 2016 >> And see a Landa S10P printing at 13,000 B1 sheets per hour

"You're simple the best" - happy 70th birthday Benny Landa #drupa2016

No birthday is complete without a cake (and someone popping out of it). Happy 70th birthday Benny Landa, wishing you many more productive and enjoyable years. #drupa2016 EFI Digital Print Technology

@drupa @printweek If you play it - we will sing

A great start at #drupa and a lot more to come! Get yesterday's exciting news #drupa2016

A great start at #drupa and a lot more to come! Get yesterday's exciting news #drupa2016

A new day and a lot of great things to see! Join us at Hall 9 #drupa2016

We are too! @Imagine_Print #drupa2016…

Thrilling and waiting working together @Cimpress…

Nano-Metallogrphy demonstretion in progress #drupa2016

S10 live demonstration! If you are around, visit us at hall 9 #drupa2016

Everything you need to know about Landa @ #drupa2016:

We have more! Come and see…

Great picture @PrintInnovAsia!…

And you should come and see us at hall 9 #drupa2016…

S10 live demonstretion! #drupa2016

Great start at #drupa2016 - Come see the theater show and the live presses demos at Hall 9

#drupa - here we go! See our theater show and live demos. Get all the latest news at

#Drupa – the “crystal ball” of the printing industry #Drupa2016

Do you remember when was your first #drupa? #drupa2016…

On the Landa stand at #Drupa: all things nano. #Drupa2106…

Landa returns to Drupa – bigger than ever.

#Drupa #Drupa2016

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Online registration will end tomorrow, and will resume at our kiosks during #Drupa.

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Nano. The Power of Small.

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Still not registered? On May 23 online registration will end. Request your ticket >> #Drupa

Still not registered?

Online registration will end on May 23, and will resume at our kiosks during #Drupa.

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Time to nano again – with Landa at Drupa 2016: @landanano @gerrymulvaney @drupa #drupa2016

Time to nano again – with Landa at Drupa 2016. #Drupa #Drupa2016

See You Soon @ Drupa 2016 ! More info at: #Drupa #Drupa2016 #Print

See You Soon @ Drupa 2016 ! More info at: #Drupa #Drupa2016

Landa set to revolutionize metallization at drupa @landanano @gerrymulvaney @drupa #drupa2016

Don’t miss Landa@ Drupa 2016: #Drupa #Drupa2016 #Print

Join Landa @ Drupa 2016! #Drupa #Drupa2016

First Nanography , now Nano-Metallography - learn more at drupa

#Drupa #Drupa2016

Landa Digital Nanographic Printing updated their cover photo.

Get the latest updates about Landa @ Drupa 2016: @landanano #drupa2016

Landa S10 Pre-Drupa Sneak Peek

Get ready for Drupa 2016 with a look at the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press.

Changing the way we think about colour in print @gerrymulvaney @landanano #print

IT'S TIME - Landa drupa 2012 Highlights

Experience the highlight of drupa 2012 in only four minutes. Then check out the full show on the Landanano YouTube Channel.

Made in Israel: The High Tech Story

Listen to Benny Landa and other Israeli high-tech leaders discuss Israel's high-tech industry with personal anecdotes and insider stories that you can't get ...

Guy Gecht Surprises Benny Landa at EFI Connect 2015

Guy Gecht wakes up Benny Landa at 4 AM to find out what's new with Nanographic Printing.

Let's meet!


Learn how nanotechnology has enabled Landa to make tremendous breakthroughs in the costs associated with printing.

landa drupa

Landa @ drupa: Another chance to change the world

"The presses of Benny Landa are a must-see. When I see what he and his teams come up with, I think of how Steve Jobs once said that he wanted to make a dent in the universe. And he did just that."

- Noel Ward, 2016


Join Landa at Drupa 2016, the world's leading trade fair for print and cross-media solutions. Watch live demonstrations of our B1 digital presses (41 in. / 1,050 mm) print at 13,000 sheets per hour. Understand the business opportunities of the Landa S10, Landa S10P and Landa W10 Nanographic Printing® Presses. Discover Landa Nano-Metallography™, our new zero-waste solution that halves the cost of metallized printing.

Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press

Single-Sided B1 Digital Printing at 13,000 SPH for Folding Carton

More info

Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press

Double-Sided B1 Digital Printing at 6,500 SPH for Commercial Printing

More info

Landa W10 Nanographic Printing® Press

Ultra-Fast, Meter-Wide Digital Printing at 656 ft./min (200 MPM) for Flexible Packaging

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Zero-Waste Metallization at Half the Cost of Traditional Foil

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