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Nanography® vs. Offset Printing Press

Monday, 02 December 2013 | By Bob Boucher

Since its arrival in the early 1990s, digital printing has tried to stake its claim as the successor to offset. But the numbers to date would suggest otherwise. Over two decades, digital printing has become a billion dollar industry, but it has achieved only about 2% of total global page output.

Let’s be fair, though. Digital printing has delivered on several key promises – introducing variable data print, short run efficiency, web-to-print automation, and high value pages. It has ultimately fallen short, though, in matching offset standards for speed, simplicity and quality.

Nanography®, however, has changed the game.

Similar to digital devices, the Landa Nanographic Printing® Press possesses all of the attributes that distinguish digital from offset. The Nanographic Printing® process produces just-in-time output and short-run flexibility – virtually eliminating the high cost of unused inventory and obsolete literature.

Without plates or chemicals, it requires far less set up and make-ready compared to offset. Of course, it enables marketers with the ability to personalize and version collateral, as well as signage and mailers – packing more powerful impact and relevance.

Watch Out, Offset. Nanography® is Coming.

As the first digital B1 format (41 in./1050 mm) device, the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press for folding carton and the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press for commercial printing seriously challenge offset dominance in print productivity. With high throughput, innovative Landa NanoInk® Colorants and the lowest-cost-per-page among digital sheetfed presses, Nanography® displaces more offset page production than any digital predecessor.

The competitive feature of Nanography® vs. offset printing is what sets it apart. Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses support any off-the-shelf substrates – all without priming or pretreatment. Landa NanoInk®, small ink droplets that yield ultra-thin images, delivers superior dot roundness, color brilliance, enhanced gray levels, and broader coverage than other digital devices. The presses also offer inline finishing and support traditional offset finishing equipment.

Combining its numerous technological innovations, the Landa Nanographic Printing® Press offers throughput up to five times faster than other digital technologies.

Developed for packaging, commercial and publishing and applications, the Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses operate side-by-side with offset equipment. Unlike digital, no special clean room environment is required. It’s also as easy to operate as an offset press. A central operator “cockpit” offers quick, convenient access to any and all functions and job status data – a user experience replicating that of offset.

Mark this moment in printing history. Nanography® is posing the strongest challenge to offset since digital technology first burst on the scene. It will also drastically change the look of balance sheets for business owners – with profits that finally rival offset.

Ruth & Gehrig. Astaire & Rogers. Jobs & Wozniak. Lennon & McCartney. Most of us know and admire these famous, successful teammates – powerful forces that together rocked their respective worlds. You could probably name a dozen more.

Here’s another submission for the next great team – this one in the print industry: Nanography® and Offset. These two print technologies are merging their respective strengths becoming a powerhouse, one-two punch for print service providers worldwide.

If you’re in the biz, you probably know all there is to know about offset. It’s been around forever and a day, and yet it still reigns as the unbeaten champion in speed, ease of use, and quality.

Nanography® is the newcomer to the party. Introduced to the print world by Benny Landa at drupa 2012, Nanography® comes closer than any other digital press to matching the speeds, quality, and profitability of offset.

While maintaining its position of standard-bearer in the industry, offset production worldwide is flat to declining. This isn’t necessarily news to print industry practitioners.


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