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Direct mail is an industry that continues to play a vital role for marketers — even in the face of the ongoing global economic recovery, postal increases, and the advent of electronic and online direct marketing. With Landa Nanographic Printing® technology, direct mail print providers can join the steady movement away from offset print and towards digital color print technology.

Direct Mail At-A-Glance

Totals may not add up due to rounding Printing industry Revenue distribution

A sub-segment of the US$309 billion commercial printing market, direct mail is categorized within the advertising sector, along with point-of-sale materials, catalogs, and transaction or transpromo mailings. The overall global advertising print business accounts for US$108 billion in revenue. Forecasts for a slight increase in revenue are up one tenth of one percent from 2011 to 2016 — due largely to rapidly developing nations in Asia-Pacific, and Latin and South America.1 Businesses in the direct mail industry create and disseminate printed coupons, flyers, and product samples, as well as custom specialty items, e.g., key chains, magnets and pens with custom printed messages. In addition to print, direct mail service providers may also compile, maintain, sell, and rent mailing lists.

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As a less expensive and more targeted form of advertising compared to radio and TV, direct mail remains a very popular advertising form among marketers. It also reaches a receptive audience. A recent survey by the United States Postal Service has revealed that 56% of ”Digital Natives,” comprised of Millennials and Generation Z, said that receiving mail is “a real pleasure.”2

In a study for the UK’s Royal Mail, global market research firm Millward Brown demonstrated that the brain has a stronger physical reaction to hard copy mail than the same information presented electronically. The study also reported that physical material “leaves a greater footprint” on the brain – increasing reader retention.3

Forbes magazine echoed the reports that physical media, such as direct mail, left a deeper, more memorable imprint on readers. The article also stated that direct mail delivers the strongest ROI for customer acquisition among B2C marketers.4

Totals may not add up due to rounding

Direct Mail Print Technology

A majority of direct mail pieces still use a lithographic pre-print and a mono overprinting of personalized data through inkjet. Much like the migration of label production from flexo to digital processes, however, direct mail output is moving away from analog and towards digital technology.

Digital print technology represents a bright spot for the global print industry. It offers the flexibility and marketing impact of content variability, including text, design and images that can target an audience of one.

Unlike offset, digital print processes require no plates or cylinders. They are engineered specifically to produce short runs more economically, and will continue to create pressure on offset as a viable print technology.

The Nanography® Solution

For direct mail print providers, Landa Nanographic Printing® technology enables the conversion from offset to one-pass, full-color production. Using water-based Landa NanoInk® colorants with efficient, light-absorbing nanopigments, the press delivers a wide color gamut using CMYK, to match more than 75% of the Pantone color chart.

Landa Nanographic Printing® technology yields a throughput of 6,500
B1 (41 in. / 1,050 mm) sheets per hour, resulting in the lowest cost-per-sheet of any current digital print technology. It combines the best features of offset and digital print technology, merging high quality and speed with short-run, variable print flexibility.

Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses eliminate the lengthy setup and expensive pre-press materials of offset, as well as the high price of printing digitally on B2 (29 in. / 750 mm)formats. Similar to offset presses – and unlike other digital presses — the Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses support any off-the-shelf stock without priming or pretreatment. It also operates side-by-side with offset equipment — no special environments needed — which maximizes overall output and operator productivity.



Direct Mail ChallengeLanda Solution

Long setup time with offset presses

Ready to run digital technology — no plates, no chemicals
Industry demand for full-color, one-pass direct mail printing Replaces the cumbersome overprinting on existing printed “shells”
Limited digital media format support — B2 (29 in. / 750 mm) only Prints on all standard, off-the-shelf media, including B1 (41 in. / 1,050 mm) format
High cost-per-page of digital output Lowest cost-per-page among digital presses
Offset and current digital presses struggle to meet demand for faster short runs Prints 6,500 B1 (41 in. / 1,050 mm) sheets per hour*
Extra expense of special press rooms and dedicated operators for digital printing Operates side-by-side with offset presses; no special environment required

*Has been demonstrated to print 13,000 SPH; option to be available in future

Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses for the Direct Mail Industry

Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press

For commercial applications

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Landa S10P for direct mail print


Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press

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