General Commercial Printing Nanography® for Mainstream
General Commercial Printing Market

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With Landa Nanographic Printing® Technology, general commercial printers can now profit from print purchasers’ increasing demand for faster, more affordable, short run production. For general commercial print applications, the Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press combines the versatility of digital technology with the lowest cost per page among digital presses.

Market At-A-Glance

Current Print Technology OptionsThe commercial printing market, a US$332 billion industry worldwide, includes multiple subsets — general commercial printing, advertising, direct mail, point-of-sale/point-of-purchase, catalogs, and transactional production. Accounting for US$168 billion in revenue, general commercial printing is the largest category of the four.1


The broad, diverse range of GCP applications encompasses brochures, stationery, business cards, catalogs, postcards, booklets, mailing labels, invitations, calendars, newsletters, announcements and coupons, among others.


1. Smithers Pira, “The Future of Global Printing Markets: Market Forecasts to 2016”

Current Print Technology Options

General Commercial Printing operations typically use traditional offset printing presses, digital presses, or a hybrid of both.

Though the oldest and still most prevalent technology, offset printing is not fully optimized to handle short runs or the growing call for lower inventory, shipping costs, and environmental impact. Introduced in the 1990s and targeted mainly for short runs and variable data printing, digital technology still struggles to profitably deliver job lengths of more than 2,000 pages.

The Nanography® Solution

Landa Nanographic Printing® technology yields the lowest cost-per-sheet of any current digital print technology. It also offers a best-of-both-worlds solution. It combines the finest features of offset and digital print technology — high quality and speed with short-run, variable print flexibility. It eliminates the lengthy setup time requirements of offset, as well as the high price of printing digitally on B2 (29 in. / 750 mm) formats.

The Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses generate a throughput of 6,500 B1 (41 in. / 1,050 mm) sheets per hour. Using water-based Landa NanoInk® colorants with efficient, light-absorbing nanopigments, the press delivers a wide color gamut using CMYK, and match more than 75% of the Pantone color chart.

Similar to offset presses – and unlike other digital presses — the Landa Nanographic Printing® Press supports any off-the-shelf stock without priming or pretreatment. It also operates side-by-side with offset equipment — no special environments needed — which maximizes overall output and operator productivity.

The GCP ChallengeLanda Solution
Long setup time with offset presses Ready to run digital technology — no plates, no chemicals
Limited digital media format support — B2 (29 in. /
750 mm) only
Prints on all standard, off-the-shelf media, including
B1 (41 in. / 1,050 mm) format
High cost per page of digital output Lowest cost per page among digital presses
Offset and current digital presses struggle to meet demand for faster short runs Produces 6,500 B1 (41 in. / 1,050 mm) SPH*
Extra expense of special press rooms and dedicated operators for digital printing Operates side-by-side with offset presses; no special environment required

*Has been demonstrated to print 13,000 SPH; option to be available in future

Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses for the General Commercial Printing Market

Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press

For commercial applications

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