The Latest Landa Impressions

The Latest Landa Impressions

The past summer months for Landa were special. While operating under the strictest of COVID-19 precautions, we continued production, working two shifts five days a week, and kept our momentum shipping and installing presses at new customers around the globe. Here are some highlights:

New Customers

We were happy to announce Em. de Jong signed for a Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press. We installed Landa Nanographic Printing Presses at K-1 Packaging Group in California and at Simian B.V in The Netherlands.

Simian. B.V. will transition their current digital work, as well as a third of all their offset jobs to its newly operating Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press. This will enable them to significantly increase their margins and improve overall business profitability.

See Us At FuturePrint Virtual Summit

We are pleased to be headline partners of the FuturePrint Virtual Summit to be held from October 12-16. The summit is an online event featuring thought leaders, designers, printers, experts and the globe's leading print technology companies. We will be joining the event to talk about Nanography® technology and leadership. Register now for the following Landa sessions:

  1. The Future of Customer Support. Today.
  2. Nanography: Where Print Meets The Future, Today!
  3. The Future of Packaging. Today.
  4. Leadership in Challenging Times – A Landa Operational Insight.
  5. The Future of Commercial Print – The Future of Landa Digital Printing.

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Earlier this month, we hosted our very first live question-and-answer session: Here's what happened.

On September 16, live from a newly built Landa Digital Printing Studio, our Business Planner, Nick Clements (or better known to most as Dr. Nano) hosted Benny Landa, Chairman of the Landa Group and Arik Gordon, CEO of Landa Digital Printing for an online Q&A session to answer questions from people around the world.

Not only did we openly respond to questions submitted by our audience of over 600 attendees, but we also showed a demo of the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press and two customer stories.


Marketing Alliance Group’s Landa S10 is a Game Changer

Hear from Landon Hair, COO of Marketing Alliance Group about how their Landa S10 is helping them change the rules.

Simian B.V Added a Landa S10P to their Production Solutions

Find out from Wouter Haan, owner of Simian B.V why their Landa S10P will fill the financial gap between their current digital and offset solutions.

Benny Landa Tours Landa Digital Printing Manufacturing Plants

Join Benny Landa on a tour of Landa’s three manufacturing plants and see Landa Digital Printing’s commitment to leading the printing industry in the digital era.

Want to See a Demo Of the Landa S10?

Enter our demo center with Arik Gordon, CEO of Landa Digital Printing to join Yarden Ben-Dor, Landa S10 Product Manager for a quick press demo.

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